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 Obama Ignores Pastors: Gay Rights On Kenya Agenda

Despite requests from African leaders to leave his views on homosexuality at home, President Barack Obama says he plans to make gay rights part of his agenda during his trip to Africa.

Obama faced criticism and growing calls from LGBT groups to press the issue aggressively while in the region.

Meanwhile in a letter, a number of Kenyan politicians and religious leaders have warned the U.S. president that any overtures on gay rights would not be welcomed in Kenya.

"We do not want him to come and talk on homosexuality in Kenya or push us to accepting that which is against our faith and culture," said Mark Kariuki, the key architect of the letter.


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 Re: Obama Ignores Pastors: Gay Rights On Kenya Agenda

At least they have stood up to him.


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Wonder if they can maintain that?


Sandra Miller

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Have you ever thought that perhaps Obama was allowed to be president over America by God. He determines who is to be in charge. In Amos 8 you can find that God sends leaders to cause instability. One reason is to awaken the sleepy church. Had sodomy not been passed would the church not have raised up or would it just slept on? We've gotten accustomed to lying from the top and now are we going to become accustomed to sodomy like Lot? Then there is the gay marriage issue facing the churches. Perhaps the father sent this our way to revive us, to get us back into our Bibles. I see in Amos 8 where he says come out of Bethel, (the house of God) and come to him and he will teach us. Perhaps the trouble has always been these nifty denomination barriers we've all built. Do we love our brother in other denominations or do we write them off? Lots of questions coming into play today. I think the leader in DC was sent for a particular reason and I think as believers we should be getting our lives in order.

James R Barnes

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