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Charlotte, NC

 More woes

Please keep me in prayer. I am experiencing a lot of financial woe of late. Last month I ran into some financial difficulty of which the Lord helped me with, by providing somebody who could provide me a personal loan. Now I'm being told by my mechanic that I need around 2 grand worth of repairs on my Jeep Grand Cherokee (which only has a value of a little over $3,000). And the mechanic is not trying to rip me off either, because they lack the equipment to repair an engine problem I am having. I don't know what I will do.

It looks like I will have to go find a full time job shortly, and then only attend seminary part time in the fall. Please pray for me.

Jimmy H

 2005/5/3 14:56Profile

 Re: More woes

I will certainly lift you up in prayer as i know what you are going through. My husband and i are going through very similar trials.Financially we are struggling too, we just got a loan to consolidate some of our debts but there are others that we dont seem to be able to pay off no matter how hard we try. This is an ongoing situation for the moment at least and i am praying that my husband and i will learn what God is teaching us through this trial and that it will stretch us. Unfortunatly though it looks like we will have to sell the house and rent as we have three children to think about.
My point is please do not despair as when i pray for my situation i will lift yours up as well and await a praise report.
In His Love Geraldine

 2005/5/3 15:23

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 Our need: God's opportunity

Thanks Jimmy for sharing your troubles. I know that God cares a lot about your situation. It seems like your are experiencing some refining fires. I once heard someone say: "Our need is God's opportunity". Maybe this is God's opportunity to build your faith (which is far greater than gold or anything else about you)
I pray that he will not only meet your needs, but also deepen your faith in his ability to care for you.


 2005/5/8 16:18Profile

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