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 Kathryn Kuhlman

I have studied the background of many of God's healers & deliverers. They were flesh and blood people, whom God chose for the exact reason that they could not claim the Glory. I read a borderline-blasphemous article on her on this site!

The link to the church that authored it is now down, but they compare her to Benny Hinn by cherry picking comments from a 50 year long ministry. David Wilkerson supported her, and while acknowledging her fleshly failings, completely authenticated her anointing and healing ministry.

My own Pastor and his wife, now 90 and 88 respectively, went to her meetings and testified that the Spirit of God was in her meetings and witnessed true healing.

I think this is the first time I've ever seen SI post something like this (it's been up since 2010). I listen to sermons weekly from this site from a variety of preachers (just check the IP address, I don't often log on) and am surprised. Because the article gives no space to comment, I can only assume that it is sanctioned by SI???

Read God's General (yes, I know the author struggles with sin, but that does not negate the information). Few can handle the tremendous outpouring of the Spirit flowing through them and not stumble. Who was the apple of God's eye?

Anyway folk, I realize this could be an over site, but just a cautionary note from someone who has done much research in this area.

 2015/6/20 15:48

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 Re: Kathryn Kuhlman


I do believe there are some valid concerns in that post, but it does go beyond healthy in some of the allusions. In the end all the workers for God are just frail flesh and blood and we need Jesus greatly. We do not in anyway endorse strongly her ministry but we respect the Lord used her and we can learn through her life and words shared.

That is why we have some of her older sermons on the site:

For some it would be hard to receive from her teachings but others it is a great encouragement. Thanks for raising the concern brother.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2015/6/21 0:52Profile


Very well said, Greg! You displayed a generous heart and spirit.

 2015/6/21 9:55

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Bro.Greg Gordon,
I'm Wondering why her (Kathryn Kuhlman) doctrines are in your site. Don't mislead peoples by posting her sermons.Post only which are sound and biblical. Even a drop of pioson in a cup of milk is still lethal to who ever drinks it. I have a huge respect for your ministry.Keep posting only which are truth! Thanks!!

Arun Jebaraj

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Joni Eareckson Tada had a powerful testimony about the fraud of a Kuhlman meeting. I am no MacArthur/Strange Fire conference fan as it swept true Pentecost into a convenient trash bin. But, Tada's story there was a beam of truth about our failure to confess and repent of spiritual charlatans that we refuse to reject because we are being "loving".

Whether some were healed by God in her meetings is an open question, but not one we need an answer to in order to know who she was.


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Quote: "We do not in anyway endorse strongly her ministry but we respect the Lord used her and we can learn through her life and words shared."

I find this statement a bit confusing Greg. In what way can learn from her life and words and not endorse her ministry?? Do you mean like we learn from Balaam (Not to be like them)?

I tend to agree with Dolfan and qanah on this.


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I did a bit of reading about her and I took the time and listened to one of her Sermons. She said strange and unbiblical things. She never mentioned repentance and sin. So I'm not sitting on the fence here either.
It would be interesting to know if some of the people who have been "healed" by her can now say like Paul :I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me (Galatians 2:20 )

I have been ministering to various people in the last few years and found that people expect us to "help" them to make their lives better.
But they don't want to truly repent. John the Baptist preached repentance and we know what happened to him.

May the Lord give us His wisdom here and may He help us to make true disciples.


 2015/6/22 17:23

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Leonard Ravenhill spoke well of Miss Kuhlman and even traveled with the "likes" of William Branham. David Wilkerson did rallies with Miss Kuhlman - these are men that we highly respect. Obviosly they saw while she was living that she was a Godly woman.



In Leonard Ravenhill's message: "Are we willing to drink His cup?"

As I’ve said before, if you say "where two or three are gathered in His name…," if the living Christ is in your meeting, how in God’s name can you have a dead service?! It’s totally impossible?

I remember talking once in Carnegie Hall with Miss Kuhlman. We were talking about the Church, as it is, and various other things. She said, "I talked with some young students the other day. They said,

‘We go to a certain church. We have a wonderful pastor, and a marvelous choir, and he’s a great teacher, but nothing ever happens. We come to see your meeting and there’s a power of God there.’

I was in meetings there where billows of power went over the place!
All kinds of miracles were done.

‘What does the pastor say?’ He says, ‘Well, of course, where two or three are gathered, He’s in the midst…’ Do you know what I said to them? ‘Well, if He’s in the midst, and you believe that He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever, why doesn’t He do in the midst ‘here’ what He did in the midst ‘there’?"

We try and bail God out! The pastor has been to a seminary (or as I say, a cemetery). Our pulpits are full of dead men preaching dead sermons to dead people. But there’s going to come an awakening.

God Almighty doesn’t care if He sends America bankruptcy. He doesn’t care if we have to stand in bread lines. He doesn’t care if our automobiles rust because we have no gasoline. That could happen very easily.


Again, my personal opinion is that yes Kuhlman was very popular in the 1960's Jesus people movement, and God certainty did use her, in quite unorthodox ways. Comparing her to modern tele-evangelists is not good to do, she was different but had similar charistics and some problems perhaps.

Salvation is Somebody by Kathryn Kuhlman

Every sermon someone shares is not perfect, she does not mention the word repentance but in this 14 minute sermon she does emphasize on the person of Jesus Christ, an important neglected aspect. I suppose some will have a hard time to receive truth from a sister, especially a charismatic speaker. But in the end it will encourage some people and men like Ravenhill and Wilkerson saw some reality in her life it seems.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Yes and Benny Hinn really, really loved her and that is one really large reason for caution as regarding her as a true servant of the Lord

And there is not evidence whatsoever that anyone was healed of anything as a result of attending her meetings. A book was written that investigated a number of people that her ministry stated that they were healed because of her"ministry". Not one follow up authenticated anything.
So in that way she was just like Benny Hinn

Here is a link to the book

And this is about the writer of the book

 2015/6/22 17:53

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 Re: Kathryn Kuhlman

Well, just in case you guys talk Greg into removing her videos's, I downloaded them all so I can listen to them.

I've listened to one already, besides her being a woman and laying hands on the sick, what is it exactly that you guys think is so evil about her?

Have you even listened to her?


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