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 Classical American Literature

Does anyone out there in this forum see much value in in-depth study, or, any study at all for that matter, of the works of Steinbeck, Hemingway, Frost, Twain and the likes? (I've omitted so many, but you get the point).

I've heard of pastors saying we need the classics in our studies and he was referring to these writers as being in the realm of classics. I won't say who this was, but he is well known.

Before I was saved, I would have been quick to include these writers in a "must-read" list. But now I don't feel that way. Perhaps my convictions are merely personal.

What say you?

 2005/5/1 20:03Profile

 Re: Classical American Literature

What you're finding is in common with many believers (I think). I've been helping a post grad literature student to understand the Bible, necessary for his thesis and he has become very interested in its depths, listening to it on mp3. Simulataneously, he is reappraising his previous interest in secular literature and seeing it for what it is, much of it - not the word of eternal Life.

 2005/5/2 20:40

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