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 What I learned from my cessationist church

I thought this was a nice balanced article.


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 Re: What I learned from my cessationist church

Just for reference the movies this man makes we do not agree with as it endorses Bill Johnson, Bethel Church movement and other similar neo-charimatic groups.


from the article:

I have gotten an inside look at a wide variety of charismatic churches and leaders over the years, and can tell you unequivocally that most of them are just as messed up and messy as any conservative, "dead" church. There are still the power struggles, personal kingdom-building, sniping, gossip and backbiting that you'll find in any church around the world. The hope has always been that allowing the Sprit into the building to lead and guide is a foolproof way to guard against a lot of this stuff, but the reality is that no matter who you are, charismatic or conservative, you must still deal with your flesh, with other people who are at different stages of their spiritual journey, and you're always going to have family issues that, quite frankly, are messy. This isn't an indictment on the ineffectiveness of the power of Christ, but rather shows how very much we all need Him every day, and in every aspect of our lives.

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We talk about keeping a balance, and I agree, but what is considered to be balanced to one Christian might be extreme to another one.

To a Cessationist, any one moving in any of the gifts is out of balance.

To those of us who believe and move in the gifts of the Spirit, not only the abuse of the gifts is unbalanced, but the non use of the gifts is also being out of balance.

1 Corinthians:
Chapters 12 and 13 lay down the perfect balance to moving in the gifts of the Spirit, because after discussing the gifts of the Spirit in Chapter 12, the Apostle Paul goes immediately into chapter 13, the love chapter. All the gifts are given for the benefit for the Body, not for the one that is exercising the gifts, and all of the gifts must be ministered in the love of God for the glory of God. This is the proper balance.


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Amen Mike, well said. I look forward to the day when the blinders will be removed and many will truly see the who Holy Spirit is and why He was sent. A people who will be able to discern the true from the false without any questions, doubts, or fears.

1 Corinthians 12:2 says that no man can call Jesus Lord BUT by the Holy Spirit. I do believe there are many who are truly calling Jesus Lord and yet are completely oblivious as to why. It's the Holy Spirit. Yet many of these folks are unable to see His true desire to function within the body of Christ mainly because of where their eyes are.

They focus on the false and therefore are unable to focus on the true which the scriptures you quoted as well as so many others clearly tell us why we need the Holy Spirit.

I try to stay out of debating this issue, while I yet wait upon the HS to lovingly and patiently reason with the sincere heart of those who are searching.

Before Jesus returns there will be an outpouring like the world has never seen. I like what Lysa shared in another thread about praying in tongues and I also bear witness with and exercise this blessed ability daily.

The sad thing is, even when something true and positive is shared about praying in the Spirit many feel the need to put a disclaimer on it. It's not their fault and I many times have to do the same because of the abuse and counterfeit experience that is so prevalent out there.

I praise God for His precious GIFT to those who will diligently seek Him. It is also wonderful to run into Spirit filled believers who are like minded. There is an unmistakable bond and communion that is truly supernatural.

Again, the disclaimer, This does NOT mean in any way that I do not feel, sense, bear witness with BELIEVERS who have not yet shared in this experience. Neither do I believe that one is better than the other.

I have the same sweet fellowship with both sides, yet will always encourage for others to go deeper with God (forgive that phrase, I actually don't like it but don't know any other way to say it)

I have a question. While I was typing this I was praying in the Spirit while at the same time articulating my thoughts in this response.

Has anyone ever experienced this before? I also can read the scriptures and pray in the Spirit at the same time and understand what I am reading and pray fluently.

Another awesome thing about praying in the Spirit is listening to others praying with the understanding while I quietly pray in the Spirit in agreement with what they are saying.

I know I am not crazy, but many Spirit filled believers who do pray in tongues have never tried these some of these things and were quite amazed in being able to do so.

God Bless You All!

Have a blessed Memorial Day In Christ

David Fella

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