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 Partaking in a Spiritual Revolution – Story of a New Student Missionary in Arab I

In 2011, there was a political revolution in my country. Young men and women played an important role in this and I also went out to the plaza. Many young people were injured or killed, but I believed that this revolution would bring a better life, happiness, and freedom to my country. But soon it became clear that there was no hope and I realized that the solution to problems of humanity is only Jesus, the church of the Lord, and the gospel.

During the revolution, I came dangerously close to dying three times and I prayed to God like this: “I do not want to die yet. It’s not because I am afraid of death or worry about my family. It is because I know your vision in my life is not yet achieved and I have not completed my earthly task for God’s kingdom and His vision.” God saved me from the crisis of death. After this, I joined a mission training program, learned God’s vision and the role of the church in the end times, and realized it was my task.

During 2000 years of Christian history, the Arab I church continued on strong compared to other Arabic nations, having overcome three great persecutions in the past, and it is a miracle. God kept and trained our church for 2000 years and strengthened it through persecution. God has a plan for Arab I church for the end times and to prepare for the second coming of Jesus. There is an enormous responsibility given to the Arab I church to be a spiritual leader in the Middle East. Now I am partaking in this spiritual revolution. This is indeed needed for humanity and God will accomplish this using our national church.

With this vision, my team went to Maghreb for a short term mission this past summer, and in the field we witnessed how God will use the national church and how open the land is. There we worked together with the churches of various places in the world and they were shocked to learn that there are Christians and churches in Arab I. This was an excellent opportunity for us to witness about Jesus Christ to the local souls. One day, someone told our team that we will be killed if we talk about Jesus. A sister in the team told him, “it will be an honor to be killed for my love, Jesus.” The man asked again if she is not scared and she replied, “what is there to fear for me?” This is the strength of the Arab I church.

Afterwards, we attended IVC (International Vision Camp). There we learned that the world church must unite for the end times and that the role of the Arab I church is to go out to the Arabic regions, which are our spiritual inheritance. There we seriously and realistically contemplated about the SM (student missionary) ministry and realized that we must work together with not only the Arab I church, but also with the world church.

We are now beginning the SM ministry in the Maghreb area. This is the Arab I church’s first SM ministry here. This is our great historical responsibility and the result will have a great influence on the history of the Arab I church and on the Gospel ministry of God. After our footsteps, many people of the Arab I church will be encouraged and walk the same path with us. The Arab I church had not sent missionaries here, not just because of a financial burden, but because they had no vision to share the Gospel to the unreached nations in preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“And this Gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and the end will come.” Matthew 24:14

We, the small number of young men and women, are to encourage and challenge the current state of the Arab I church. A few local churches have decided to commission us, interceding for us and financially supporting us even in small amounts. This is a great and important change.

We have difficulties: fear of concerned parents, visas, finances, setting up intercessors, and other personal issues and problems. But we know we are not alone. God the father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and not just the Arab I church, but all the churches around the world, who are the body of the Lord, are with us. Please pray that the Arab I church and its young people may change history by beginning the mission movement and delivering true happiness, freedom, and joy in Jesus to those who are in the darkness. Please pray that the people of Maghreb, whom we will be serving, may cast away their atheistic ideology and come to know Jesus, return to Him, and find the meaning of life only found in Jesus.

By Student Missionary, Arab I

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