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 Nepal's Tiny Christian Minority Responds to Nation's Devastating Earthquake

For many Nepalese Christians, Saturday is the usual day of worship, and believers in the country’s small religious minority were winding down church services around noon when a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Himalayan nation and killed over 4,000 people. In Kathmandu, at least 80 worshippers died when an evangelical church collapsed.

The tremor struck some 9 miles below the earth’s surface, but scientists said the quake was shallow enough to cause massive damage above ground and strong enough to equal the power from an explosion of more than 20 thermonuclear weapons.

Indeed, the quake was about 16 times more powerful than the deadly tremor that struck Haiti in 2010. (An aftershock the day after the Nepal quake shook buildings nearly 700 miles away in the Indian capital of New Delhi.) At least 18 climbers—including four Americans—died when the earthquake triggered an avalanche at Mount ...

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