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 Huckabee: 'We Are Moving Rapidly Toward the Criminalization of Christianity'

(Worthy News)– The persecution of Christians because of their moral opposition to homosexual behavior and so-called gay marriage is on the rise in America, to the point where "Christian convictions are under attack as never before" and "we are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity," said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who is also an ordained Southern Baptist minister.

"We are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity – where it's not simply going to be that a church's tax-exempt status is threatened," he said. "But, more importantly, where criminal charges for a person who defies a new government norm, a new legal norm and that is a homosexual orientation becomes a protected class."


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 Re: Huckabee: 'We Are Moving Rapidly Toward the Criminalization of Christianity&

I appreciate Huckabee's sentiments. They don't go nearly far enough. This is more preaching to the choir.

What will the church DO about this issue? Not talking about top-down direction. Not relying on pastors as "backstops". I mean what will we who believe Jesus and take Him at His Word -- what will we DO.

Huckabee says we need to stand firm. What? How? By saying over and over "I don't agree"?

Our first duty is to pray. I believe we are doing that, in some degree. While many pray for government to make the "right decision", others who understand the nature and depth of the depravity of those who govern are praying that government will confound itself under the hand of God and thwart its own evil purposes as we hope that God's mercies and the proclaimed Gospel will save men and women.

Secondly, we must proclaim. We must proclaim the gospel of Christ, not the gospel of small government, not the gospel of "social justice". We must proclaim the gospel of the virgin born, sinless, crucified, resurrected, and risen son of God, Jesus. We must deliver to one another and contend for the faith that we delivered to us and those before us. We must proclaim.

Thirdly, we must persist. When Peter and James stood at the end of a whip with an opportunity to acquiesce in not preaching in Jesus' name vs. whipping for saying no, he said it for history -- "We must obey God rather than man."
So, we must obey God rather than man. Huckabee has this much wrong: our reasons for obeying God do not lie in the fate or heritage of Western civilization, but in the word of God alone. Reliance on secular principals is not only a losing proposition, but it is a moot point. The power that comes in persistence in doing right in the face of severe and painful consequence is not present in the promise of a better democracy or a fairer social order. The power of God is in the gospel alone, and our reasons for persistence must be in the power that comes from the gospel alone.


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 Re: Huckabee: 'We Are Moving Rapidly Toward the Criminalization of Christianity&

I agree with Mike Huckabee. Christians
that merely quote the Word of God are
being accused by mainstream media
as being intolerant and spreading hatred
and prejudice. The time is coming when
preaching the truth (Word) about
homosexuality will be considered a hate
crime. The problem is still with the church.
At least half of those that call themselves
Christians support gay marriage.


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