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 Prayer Request

I've been sick for the past three days, yesterday was so bad that I felt the hospital was necessary but it ended up softening up then today it's leveled off but it's more constant.

I recently made a decision to be more active at my local church (not just helping at risk kids at an orphanage). Part of me thinks this is an attack from the enemy. Because the timing is almost too ironic.

The sickness is a virus of somekind. Chest congestion, sinus congestion, constant headaches. Pain like knives in my head at times. I'm using a lot of natural ways to recover but I rarely battle a bug for more than two days.

One of my close friends got this earlier and had to take a day off of work (second time in a decade). It's a really nasty bug.

Today has been more of a constant battle, instead of spikes of pain.

Normally, to be honest, when I'd go through this level of pain and discomfort, I'd sound like David's Psalms, a little bitter, a little angry. But in this case, I've been rejoicing in the goodness of God. But since this has remained, I'm finding my joy/strength deplete. Please pray.

Either to be healed, to be more resilient, whatever you feel lead to pray. Thanks and I hope I get better soon.

 2015/4/24 18:07

 Re: Prayer Request

Thank you saints. I was basically bed ridden for 4 days out of 7. It was a nasty virus. Today is the first day that I feel decent.

Hopefully this is the end of it and judging by others who got it before me, it looks certain.

I can't thank you enough, I haven't gotten this sick in ages. I really appreciate your prayers. Thanks again!

 2015/4/29 10:50

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Glad to hear you are recovering better, praise God for the prayers of the saints.

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