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 Bible Not Available in 57% of World Languages

Bible Not Available in 57% of World Languages; Most Americans Believe the Bible Is Available in Every Language

The American Bible Society's recently released State of the Bible survey found that a strong majority of Americans think the Bible is available in all of the world's languages, despite the fact that 57 percent of world languages are still in need of completed Bible translations.

The State of the Bible survey, which was conducted by the Barna Group and surveyed 2,000 Americans, found that 72 percent of Americans believe the Gospel is available in all of the world's languages. However, the report states that only 43 percent of languages actually have Bible translations available.

Out of the world's 6,901 different languages, 1,859 (31 percent) languages don't have a Bible translation processes started. Meanwhile, the report states that 2,195 (26 percent) languages are in the process of having Scripture translated but do not yet have completed Scripture.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2015/4/14 14:26Profile

 Re: Bible Not Available in 57% of World Languages

Are languages diversifying? I remember reading ~10 years ago an article saying that we were on the track to have 95% (+/-) by 2020. This sounds like the reverse is true.

Can anyone provide insight on the progress of Scriptural translation to all people?

I know there are solid movement and the Gideon's led the way for years.

Let's pray for more labors/scribes to translate our beloved scriptures.

 2015/4/14 14:59

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