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 Announcing...Logos Bible Software for the Macintosh


"Wild horses could not drag me away from my Macintosh…but your product did. I bought a PC just so I could use your product." --Rev. Dr. George Joseph Gatis, Esq.

Well, Rev. Gatis, you're not the only one. And we feel kind of bad for having caused the apostasy of so many good Macintosh users. But we've mended our ways.

Macintosh users have asked for it (over and over again) and now it is headed your way: Logos Bible Software for the Macintosh.
That's right...a version of Logos Bible Software that is native to Mac OS X. Immediate access to thousands of Bible reference titles never before available for the Macintosh. The advanced automation and convenient reports that Logos users have come to love. No more emulators, no more guilt over your flirtation with the PC.

The truth is, we have always been a little jealous of Mac users. (Please don't tell Bill.) The Mac design aesthetic, cool bundled apps, the stability and security of the platform all made us a touch green. That's why we are just as excited as you are about developing Logos for the Mac. We can't wait to show it off.

"When can I buy it?" you ask. Work on the product has already begun, and the official launch is planned for December 2005. But we will be pulling back the curtain now and then for a peek in the meantime and we'll start taking orders as launch day approaches. The best way to keep up to date on all this is to subscribe to the Logos for the Mac Email List. We'll also be discussing the product in our Macintosh newsgroup.

Rev. Gatis, it might be wise to put your Windows PC up for sale soon to avoid the stampede.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Logos Bible Software? Why do I need it?

A: For those new to Logos, the best way to get a handle on what it's all about is to view the online demo (broadband or dial-up version). To learn about some of the 4,000+ electronic book titles that are available for Logos Bible Software, visit the Products page.

Q: What are the Macintosh system requirements? What kind of horsepower will I need?

A: We are currently shooting for a system requirement of an 800Mhz Macintosh with at least 256MB of RAM and a 1024 x 768 monitor running OS X 10.3.8 or later. These specifications may be changed in the future as we test the beta product.

Q: I already bought the Windows version. Will I be punished for straying or can I inexpensively switch back to the Mac?

A: Rest easy, friend. We will make a way for you to return to the fold without losing your shirt. The details are not worked out, but it is certain that we're not going to make you pay for your electronic books all over again.

Q: Will Logos for the Mac be a ported Windows version?

A: Logos Bible Software is built on the Libronix Digital Library System. The Libronix DLS is a very modular system built of many components. The Macintosh version will consist of shared code for the "back end" (the search engine, data file handling, etc.) and a completely new, OS X native user interface layer built from the ground up. It will look as great, feel as familiar, and behave as well as your favorite Macintosh software.

Q: Will Logos for the Mac read the same files as Logos for Windows?

A: Yes. Because the back end of the system is the same code on both platforms, Logos for the Mac will read the existing Libronix-compatible electronic books. (There will be a few minor exceptions—only the "LLS" resource driver is being ported in the first release, which means a handful of video and PDF resources will not initially be available on the Mac.) All of the user data files in Logos Bible Software are stored in portable XML, so they will be interchangeable between Windows and Macintosh systems.

Q: I'd heard that a Macintosh version of Logos was impossible because of its dependence on Internet Explorer. What gives?

A: The Macintosh version of Logos will not use Internet Explorer or any other Windows-only technologies. It is being coded using Macintosh OS X objects and interfaces (e.g., Cocoa). This is much more expensive than a simple port (hence the time it has taken for us to get around to it) but we are confident that the results are going to be well worth the investment...and the wait!

Q: Will the Macintosh version include all my favorite features?

A: We are making every effort to incorporate as many features as possible from the Windows version. There may be a few minor features that don't make it into the first Macintosh version. After all, we've worked for more than five years to develop the currently-shipping version of Libronix DLS. On the other hand, we may include features in the Mac version that don't exist in the Windows version.

Q: Can I beta test the software? Please?

A: We're getting that question a lot and we'll definitely be looking for some testers down the road. There is no formal beta testing selection process at this time, so the best way to find out when beta testing begins is to subscribe to the email list below.

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