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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Franklin Graham Warns 'Ugly, Anti-Christian Bias and Intolerance' Is Changing America

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I want share an article that shook me last weekend and has confirmed in my mind and heart that the persecution warnings are valid. They are political because the persecution is going to be political.

We are being forced into the same choice as the early church. You can only have one king and the church is being force to choose Jesus only or to capitulate to Caesar as the true authority of daily living.

I urge you to read this more than once.

I do not propose, but utterly reject, any political power or activity as a solution or even a help. The article may imply such a solution. This is a spiritual war. We cannot be ignorant of our enemy's devices. The article is invaluable to reset your underlying assumptions.


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Because of current events in the middle east I decided to refresh my memory what John wrote about the end times as recorded in Revelation. His perspective of end times is comforting because we read that they are ALL under God's control. Nothing is happening outside the knowledge/will of God.

This morning I was reading chapter 13. It will pale in comparison to what Graham is saying. I believe Franklin loves America and is grieved at the way things are going. I am, too, but I see no political solution to the problems that bedevil America.

Persecution is here - we are slowly being cooked...did you read of the law-abiding Amish family that is/was being evicted out of their home in WI because they refused to have a smoke detector installed in their house? How intrusive will one allow the gov to get before one will say, "No more!" This is not persecution? Maybe not, quite, but it is almost. The heat is being turned on... This sounds like a small insignificant thing but bigger things are happening elsewhere.

My understanding. Not pleasant, I promise.


Sandra Miller

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