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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : "To the Unknown Evangelist" by Bian Yunbo (pdf booket)

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 "To the Unknown Evangelist" by Bian Yunbo (pdf booket)


This is a powerful peom that was written in china just before the great persecution broke out. It was used of the Lord to encourage thousands of workers to be full-time evangelists during even the worst persecution.

You can download it here:



“Peter, Peter,
My friend!
Tonight ‘I’ am holding my nail-scarred hands out to ‘you’
This sinful world still has countless
Countless lost souls!
Indeed, on the road ahead,
There is still more work and struggle,
But if you truly turn back because of this,
Who will staunch this wound?
And who will undertake for me? …..”


Oh, dear unknown evangelists!
My treasured and beloved brothers!
So much of your blood and tears
suffuse the work so valued in the eyes of our Lord,
So many instrumental servants flow from your finished work,
You called how many nameless souls into life,
Your prayers brought so many “days of revival”,
You are the unknown evangelists!
You are treasured and beloved brethren!


Brethren, Let us go!
Why fear that the way of the cross may become ever more difficult,
Our wills meeting hardship shall become only the more resolute!
Whenever we patiently complete this earthly journey,
And see the Lord of Grace face to face,
Take the pain of this life,
And recount it as a love offering before our Lord……

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