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 Take a stand against pornography

Last night the youth pastor at my church preached a message on repentance. At the end of the service he placed a chair on each side of the stage and asked the male youth leaders to stand by the chair on the right and the female youth leaders by the chair on the left. He then told our students that if they wanted they could come sit in the chair and confess their struggles with their leaders and we would pray for them. My heart broke as guy after guy after guy told us they were battling pornography. I thought to myself that something has to be done while at the same time thinking what can a 25 year old guy do against this huge industry. I'm not sure what the answer is but I'm asking as many as I can to join with me in prayer and let's fight against pornagraphy! Some many people battle this addiction. I for one have had enough. Please pray with me and let's take a stand against this so that so many maybe set free!

Joshua Herndon

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 Re: Take a stand against pornography


I can tell you what the Holy Spirit can do against an industry!! With Christ *ALL* things are possible, brother!! I will pray with you! I know there is freedom from this. The Lord delivered me years ago and I hope the following will not be offensive, it is my testimony.

The ole so subtle lie from the enemy of our soul that Christian couples believe is that if they watch pornography together, with their spouses, it is not sin but again, that is a lie from the pit of hell. In the 1990’s, my ex-husband and I used to watch it but of course, I always blamed my ex. The Lord delivered me from pornography in stages and if I remember correctly, it took almost a year to get through to me!!

First stage happened when I had a dream about smoking cigarettes. In the dream I had a young Christian in the car with me and I explained to them that I only bought a pack of cigarettes every three or four months and only smoked only two or three and then threw the rest of the pack out, so then I didn’t really smoke. (LOL Lies we tell ourselves!) Well, upon waking, I was appalled, b/c I would never pick up a cigarette, let alone smoke it. And I asked the Lord what that dream meant but in the back on my mind while asking the Lord, I danced around admitting that every 3 or 4 months was how often my husband and I watched part of movie.

Onto the second stage! God is so gracious with us. I had prayed for months, “Oh Lord, show me what I need to move and I’ll move it to be closer to you!” Always in the back of my mind was those x-rated movies but I ignored it. So one night after months of praying, I had the most vivid dream. The phone was ringing in the dead of night and while walking through my dark house to answer it, it was like the swat team was outside with all kinds of lights shining into this house. (that should have told me something right there!), and I answered the phone and a voice on the other end of it stated, “You’re not moving what you’re supposed to be moving.” Offended, I asked, “Who is this?” And he said, “An angel in the night.” I said, “What am I supposed to be moving?” He said, ‘You know exactly what you’re supposed to be moving. I’ve got more calls to make.” Click.

So in the next couple of weeks (third and final stage), I was praying about this and repenting for blaming my husband for watching these movies, b/c I finally admitted that the problem wasn't just my husband that I enjoyed them as well and I repented. While driving home I happened to listen to a sermon from a women’s meeting and the only sentence I can remember to this day that the woman teaching said was, “Just like Job, I have made a covenant with my eyes and I don’t look at the things I used to look at.” That statement went through my soul and I stopped that tape and wept all the home. I got home, took out my concordance and Bible and looked up eyes. I found Job 31.1 (I made a covenant with mine eyes) and Rev 3.18 spoke to me as well (anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see). I ran to the kitchen for the Wesson oil, anointed my eyes with it and with my tears. I was delivered that day, that very hour.

One of the reasons that this took so long was that I was afraid to admit the nasty, whorish side of me that I hoped God didn’t know about. To admit it outright to Him meant to make sure He knew and at that time, I wasn’t bold or brave enough to do that but... He forced my hand with each stage! Now, I too can stand and say, “I don’t look at the things that I used to look at because I have made a covenant with my eyes" through the power of the Holy Spirit!!

Our God is an awesome God! Praise His holy name for leading me to do that. Come boldly before the throne of grace that your joy might be full!! If He did it for me, He can do it for anyone!!

God bless,

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 Re: Take a stand against pornography

The Lord bless you!
All you need do is to let the Lord do His work of cleansing and purifying in you.
Every purified and holy soul is an advancement against the enemy.
As He works in you, He'll lead you to others who will hear your testimony and if they respond to the Lord, He'll begin to work in their hearts too.

May the Lamb of God be glorified in all of our lives, amen!


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