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The issue is not respect for authority.

It is the antiChrist nature of all human government. Period.

Police officers are servants of their antiChrist masters: civil government. That master is always, only, unchangeably opposed to Christ. From 1 Samuel 8 until today's date.

You want to talk practicality. Ok. As a matter of practice, civil laws are rooted in the heart of Satan as rebellion against God. We cannot pick from human laws the ones we think are just and useful. They are all the ideas of fallen, carnal men who cannot comprehend the slightest of God or His Word.

Are we monsters,then, for this? Are people who simply do their jobs then evil for doing them? If their doing so subjects other people to tyranny, yes.

Is getting a speeding ticket tyranny? No, not necessarily. Do Christians benefit from orderliness? Sure. But, our benefit is no measure of the goodness of policy. As Paul said, I count all things as dung for the excellency of knowing Christ.

The mundane laws we generally obey are leveraged by monstrous government to keep men from the knowledge of God. Do not let this slip by you. Laws of men oppose law of God. Even the "good ones". Why? How? Because the overarching goal of all human power is the rejection of God and the perpetuation of that rejection. That peaceableness may nest within a particular social order is God's gift to people to see Him THROUGH Hos people in spite of the antiChrist rule of man. Peaceableness however is not an inherent quality of a social order. Orders always collapse into openly unjust tyranny and the subjection of those dominated thereby.

Example. You cannot drive with overly tinted windows. Makes sense. Safety issue. The rationale is a pretext, though. Yes, tint can and does endanger motorists. The real use of this law is to identify urban black males as drivers, and they are targeted by police. The tint provides the probable cause for a stop, a ticket provides a valid arrest that justifies a warrantless, non-consensual search, and then drugs or whatever. The law is justified by its purported safety, used in tyranny to prosecute more black men to keep their families decimated with felony drug convictions that ruin their men and fasten them to hopelessness. Meanwhile, white people fly up and down the roads all day under the influence of prescription drugs in new clean sedans and SUVs that are "normal" and they are seldom bothered by the civil government in this way (don't feel too good for them, though, because that same government that leverages criminal law to enslave the black community has the heart and soul of the white community so that they feel secure but are just slaves in better dress, homes and cars with better food; they keep the churches just weak enough that the government does not worry itself with them).

It all goes back to power. All of it. Always. And, our police forces, our police power, is being trained onto Christians. Graham, and everyone else, can applaud obedience and yielding to it, but it is still an antiChrist regime (all government, not just Rs and Ds) that is being lauded.

Now, about this Romans 13 argument, please go back and read my post. Our submission is to demonstrate love of our enemy and Paul makes no bones about identifying that enemy....powers that be. Authorities. Does God use them? Are they ordained of Him? Yes. Are they evil and opposed to Him? Yes. Paul was beaten five times with 39 lashes under the auspices of this enemy. He was imprisoned by this enemy. He loved those individuals who worked against God and for the enemy. So do we.

What we do NOT do is call this enemy something it is not. Just. Right. Good. Caring. Against evil. None of these apply.

Let me just say it. I serve this antiChrist government as an officer of its courts. As a lawyer, I am a priest of the antiChrist power in earth. I see it for what it is. The facade is gone. The evil of its heart is crystal clear, bright as the noon day sun. And Jesus is coming after it. He is not going to obey the police power. He will destroy it.


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We are locking this thread because of the unprofitable route it is going with comments in the discussion. We are all entitled to an opinon but in the end if we cannot do it with grace and considering others then it is not worthwhile.

We are going to lock this thread and ask this discussion is not raised in the near future. May we focus on Jesus Christ and the need for righteousness to be spoken of in our countries at this moment in history.

this thread is locked.2

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