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 European Constitution

Europe is discussing a new constitution for all member states. The proposal refers to a fuzzy concept of God but leaves out the Christian heritage making no reference at all to its hand in forging Europe and its export also of faith to the US. The push is towards a secular state which will leave Islam as a predominant force. This is already an issue in Holland where the imigrant muslims are pusing their cultural agenda.
In common with all members states Ireland is taking submissions espcially around the issue of what constitutes a marriage. This is enshrined in our own constitution as is the right to life of the unborn which is counted from the excact moment of conception. Both of these are under serious threat if the european model is voted in.

All the major religions Evangelical, Presbyterian Methodist and Roman Catholic have stated the case for keeping marriage as " a union between a man and a woman", however the Church of Ireland (Anglican) have put forward a more broad definition which espouses both common law unions (co-habiting or living in sin) and also same sex unions as an acceptable alternative thus pushing a latent desire to accept homosexuality and rewrite the Word of God.

It is unlikley that Ireland will vote to accept the european model but do pray for the people that the make the right choice. Pray also for France because if the French people vote "non" then the whole sorry mess will be scrapped.

Europe the home of the reformation and the stage for much of Acts needs us to pray down the Fire of Revival.

Please pray.


Paul R Carley

 2005/4/28 19:12Profile

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