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 Evangelical heavyweight Schaeffer turned to Orthodox Christianity


DALLAS - (KRT) - Frank Schaeffer is a "trophy" Orthodox convert. His father was the renowned evangelical theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer, who founded L'Abri Fellowship, a Christian center in Switzerland where individuals can seek answers to spiritual questions.
He's often asked to speak at conferences. He is outspoken, articulate and funny, with the kind of biting wit that comes from having been an insider in evangelical circles.

Schaeffer says he spent the 1970s and 1980s as a "sidekick" to his famous father, directing evangelical films, speaking and writing books for the Christian market.

He appeared all over the country, from Jerry Falwell's church to "The 700 Club." But he said he soon became tired of the "hero-worship cult" in evangelical circles, where a ministry rises and falls with its big-name founder. There's usually built-in nepotism that goes along with it, he added, with "someone's second cousin running the mailing list."

Some maintain their integrity, he said, like Billy Graham or his father; many do not. He began to be dissatisfied with a tagalong ministry.

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 Re: Evangelical heavyweight Schaeffer turned to Orthodox Christianity

Hmm interesting. I know personaly one who has turned to orthodoxy, and other one who is on his way to get there. I have talked with both of them, the main reason is "easy-believism" in evangelical churches, they want to "escape from christendom" and all this lukewarmness around them, building human organizations where everyone feels good.
Usually those people starting to read biographies and autobiographies of old orthodox saints. And they started to think that orthodox church and teaching is the right one, all others are heretics, without exceptions.
Month ago i talked with the second brother and he is almost convinced that evangelical are heretics and that only true teaching is in the orthodox church. We had deep talk. After reading those saints now every book from evangelical christian seems to him like 'water'. But unfortunately you can imagine what books he has read, it is not his fault, such books are translating here. Few are good books, more and more 'junk' is translating. I asked him does he know and has read something about evangelical saints like Edwards, Spurgeon, Finney, Wesley and others, then I recommend him to read something.

I live among orthodox christians, evangelicals are 0.1%. And we are considerd here like cult and heretics. But the situation in orthodox church is I can say worst then catholics. I can't remember that I know some new-born christian. Everything is about tradition, priests are just workers for money, funerals, baptisms of babies, weedings. Worshiping saints, praying to saints, also praying to Mary (the called her co-savior), going to church means that before to enter the church you should bye candels and light them for health and happinies. There is no one to tell those people that are on wrong way. The job is ours!
I recently talked with graduating teologian in orthodox church, she said to me that it is forbiden to read more than '2-3 verses per day' from the bible. You can imagine that. There is no reason to talk about the other things that she told me.

Brother Greg, I know you are going to Ukrain, I think that there is also the orthodox church very strong. Be prepared to be considered as a heretic by orthodox christians.
There is no good voice about evangelical christians who are coming from west to these eastern countries. (In the late years the things are changing)
Usually when someone will become christian and read the bible, the people tell to him "you have sold your faith for money", because big part of the churches here are supported by christians and churches from the west.
But I believe God will lead you and use you mightly! He is making great things after the communism in these countries like Russia and others ( I am excpecting this in Macedonia, God's moving and shaking, I believe first need to shake us, christians).
It is great to see how the strongholds of atheism are changing with the strongholds of faith!

3For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, 4who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 5For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, 6who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time,

In Christ,

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