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I think Dolfan/Tim makes some good points, God wasn't focusing on nation building. He was focused on a people or more specifically individuals. Moses was the result of scared hebrews. King Saul was the result because they wanted to be like other nations.

The Kingdom of God is personal.

I understand your reference to 1 Chronicles but...let's remember Israel was destroyed many times over, restarting over with only a few people, hardly a nation.

Not only that, the Apostle Paul prayed for his govt leaders but they too ended up meeting terrible ends.

America was fortunate to have great awakenings. Awakenings, revivals, they start small and they aren't focused on politics that's for sure.

Leonard Ravenhill says throughout most of his preaching 'all you need is one on fire believer' (paraphrase).

My question then is, are you on fire? Has the Fire of God consumed your life? How is this being demonstrated? How are you impacting the people around you?

I think these answers are personal but His fire is definitely consuming my life. With a gentle voice and a consistent burn throughout all areas of my life. I encourage all believers to focus on a revival lifestyle as I try to live it out myself.

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Can you tell me a reference of a Country or a region repenting in New Covenant? It was always some individual people who repent. Even in Old Covenant, the call to repent was mostly given only to the chosen Israel. In New Covenant, it is to Churches in America. Not to America as a nation. A nation will never repent.

Now when we ask America to Repent, we expect every individual irrespective of their religion to repent. Now how can all Hindus and Muslims who came from other nations repent to our Christian God? As Individual they can repent but collectively calling a nation to repent is not a New Covenant call at all.


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Brother Tim,

I appreciate your heart for the Lord. May we follow
the Lord and be ambassadors for Christ, as He has
given us all the ministry of reconciliation.


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 Re: I'm not a fan of this fear mongering.

This really isn't fear mongering, its just telling the truth based on the direction of our nation/culture. You don't even need to be a prophet to see where we are headed. Our rights are eroding by the day as Christians. Persecution and prosecution are already here and will only increase in the coming days. Remember that we will be, and already are to some extent, hated and blamed for our societies problems.

On that note, this is a thought I've had the past week regarding this topic:

Jesus is not so concerned with nations,governments,cultures, societies, etc.. in the sense that he cares to preserve them. He is Lord over all and his ultimate care is for his church and the salvation of the individual. Cultures and nations will come and go but the Jesus and his church will transcend it all. He cares about people. When he came to earth his goal was not to overthrow the Roman govt. and that hasn't changed. Of course one day he will come back and establish a real earthly kingdom and destroy all those who oppose him. Until then though, we are in the dispensation of his grace and mercy to all PEOPLE who will call upon his name,repent, and follow him.

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Have we forgotten the great commission?

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Matt 28:19

Have we forgotten there is no government apart from God

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.

Christ is concerned about nations and governments it is absolute stupidity to say otherwise, you can't seperate nations from people, nor goveremnt from people why because nations are people and goverment is God’s servant for our good.

Edit to add link - The Nations In The Purposes Of God by Art Katz

Colin Murray

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