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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : The Madness Of the Gay Lifestyle.

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speak the truth in love of course! we are called to do so but that is not what is happening in our churches today. sin is washed over and people are deceived into thinking they can live how ever they want and still follow Jesus.

all we can do is share with those who are lost in their sin, if they choose to continue sinning and living for self then we can do no more but pray for them.

i think we can agree though that love is never silent, when we see a brother/sister in sin we should speak truth to them, point them to Jesus and pray for them.


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Dolfan, thank you for clarifying. I thought you were in some other threads where similar discussions/debates were occurring. So, I naturally assumed some of your logic but based on your response, that assumption was incorrect. I'm sorry for that. My responses went a direction that you weren't bringing it. Sorry.

But I still have some issues when it comes to speaking hard truths.

When it comes to confrontational, I understand this. But...let's remember that confrontational isn't controlling.

Jesus trained the disciples to warn/teach people but if they didn't receive them, He told them to shake off the dust off their feet.

I've seen taught and done that 'speaking the truth' is therefore love. That someone promoting a more accurate view of God, just by the mere act, they are being love to the hearers. This belief, is terribly wrong. Example: Jonah and Nineveh. Let's remember in that story, Nineveh was righteous (they repented)...and Jonah's was doubtful, borderline lost.

We aren't to nag the lost to convert. We aren't to beg them to convert. We aren't to create laws that inhibit their ungodly behavior. We aren't to have the heart of Jonah when we speak the truth to them. We aren't to attempt to convict the sinner (that's the Holy Spirit's job). We are to be an example of Jesus on this earth, to be as Paul said 'living epistles' that the lost read, since they won't be reading Scripture.

But maybe my venting was a bit strange for this thread but...all the debates is getting weary on my soul. As I don't feel they've been fruitful. I remember when Krispy was on here and Lynn (I forgot her username, and I think she went with the Lord). Many of the debates and discussions were very fruitful for many involved and me too when I was a younger believer.

 2015/3/6 22:09

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For the record, I love the heart you expressed in that last post. I also agree with it.

Debate. It is a weary thing. Easy to get caught up in. I am as liable as anyone. I would rather edify than debate.

SI, for me, the forums at least, are sounding boards. I spend a lot of time doing what so many here do: thinking about the things of God. With the focus on home fellowships that SI encourages and prayerfully equips, the forums have been useful for me as a place to express, share, and take scriptural stands and challenge and to be challenged. This seems vital to me, LMH. As we move forward in time, we need the skills that warfare demands. It seems safe to me to do that here. I get challenged, and it is mostly lovingly done. I learn when to hush, too, and learn how to lovingly bow out of a matter. Still developing that. :)

So, pick what matters. Engage what matters most. But, do not get weary to the point of frustration. This place is uniquely beneficial. There is such a depth of solid, timely preaching that, although ages old in many cases, these timeless truths are still alive and matter now maybe more than ever.
Couple that with the bump and run coverage you get in these discussions and, well, it helps you. It prepares you.

So, stick around.


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I appreciate your response Dolfan. I'll probably stick around but...I think I'm going to take a few steps back. As, I feel that the Lord is doing something with my heart.

I came back, under a different username, to do exactly what you are saying. To prepare for battle. So, I really do appreciate your response, I feel it's the very words of God for my life. Thanks. :)

 2015/3/7 20:20

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 Re: The Madness Of the Gay Lifestyle.

here's the way I see this issue.
Love the sinner hate the sin.

Pray for them, Minister to them. That is our duty. Follow the teaching of Jesus and Paul on witnessing.
Let them know that they will not inherit the Kingdom of God, if they die in their sins. You can find tha tin the book of Romans.

If they reject you they are rejecting Christ.
Wipe your feet at the door and move on.

We are living at the end and it is important that every Christian be vigilant and listen to the Holy Spirit, and do what he says to do.

William Cato

 2015/4/3 20:22Profile

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