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Hi Tim

Campbell was a preacher of holiness though before the revival I believe. He was connected with the Faith Mission in Edinburgh Scotland and the true baptism was taught there though not any more. They only believe in the Pentecostal/charismatic movement one. In fact they would not accpet anyone on the mission field in those days who did not have a testimony of holiness.

I read somewhere that an old woman had challenged him by asking if he was holy and he was convicted by that and was subsequently baptised. Are you saying it was these two women who led to his baptism?

It looks like Campbell was called to the Hebrides from Edinburgh because he was a preacher of holiness. The Faith Mission has already seen outbreaks of revival.

 2015/3/28 11:40


from wiki:

"In 1949, Campbell felt called to rejoin the Faith Mission, which provided him with a house in Edinburgh. However, his ministry took him back to Skye, where he had worked 25 years before, travelling to and from Edinburgh by motorcycle. This work was successful, leading to people being converted to Christ. He was thoroughly engaged in that work when he received the call to go to the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. He initially resisted this call, but doors closed in Skye, opening the opportunity for him to go.

The call came from the Reverend James Murray MacKay, at the prompting of two Gaelic-speaking sisters in their eighties, who had been praying for revival. It was only at the third invitation that Campbell accepted. Over the following years he traveled from village to village preaching with many people being converted.

On one occasion Campbell was the main preacher at the Faith Mission Convention at Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church in Bangor, Northern Ireland, when he suddenly felt that he must leave at once, despite being engaged to speak at the closing meeting there the next day. He went (according to the call) to the island of Berneray off Harris, where he met an elder of the local church (then without a minister), who was so convinced that Campbell was coming that he had already announced the meetings at which Campbell was to preach. After several days of meetings, suddenly the island was gripped with a new awareness of God.[2]

After unreliable reports of events on Lewis, he published a booklet, The Lewis Awakening, as an official account of this revival."

 2015/3/28 11:53


I seem to recall that Campbell reported that he had been baptised into holiness but for 25 years, he had ignored his calling and although he worked for the gospel and saw a number of conversions, it was not unitil the time of the Lewis revival that he fulfilled the call on his life.

most believers are in denial about the teaching of holiness from Campbell and the true baptism of the Spirit since the bastardised version became popular amongst charismatics. The fruit is missing therefore the baptism is false.

 2015/3/28 11:55


Campbell tells his testimony here. He speaks of his experience of entire sanctification at around 19 mins, as an event later than his salvation, whhich he records at the beginning when he felt as pure as an angel.

He then tells of his second blessing and the results of it seeing revivals but he went on to train for the ministry and began his decline for 17 years when he heard his daughter singing which brought him back.

He is correct that we can never get to the place where it is impossible to sin but we can get to the place where it is possible not to sin.

 2015/3/28 13:52

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Thanks for the Campbell posts. I never tire of them because they invariably point to Christ.

His personal account of the Hebrides revival has been linked here and referred to often.

Part I, CD Quality

Part 2, CD Quality

A written transcript of sorts also exists online.


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I agree, I never tire of reading about this revival. Thanks for the links.

 2015/3/29 6:01

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Here is another good resource. Colin and Mary Peckham were witnesses to the Hebrides Revival, friends of Duncan Campbell and wrote a history titled "Sounds from Heaven." They both passed away a few years ago but their kids manage their website and keep all these great articles and sermons online.

Edit: Mary Peckham's testimony of the revival is available here on SI as video or MP3

Wayne Kraus

 2015/3/29 8:39Profile

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