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 House Churches Growing, New Church Construction Hits All-Time Low

Construction of religious buildings in the U.S. has fallen to the lowest level at any time since private records began in 1967. Religious groups will build an estimated 10.3 million square feet this year, down 6% from 2013 and 80% since construction peaked in 2002, according to Dodge Data & Analytics. In terms of dollars, spending on houses of worship totaled $3.15 billion last year, down by half from a decade earlier, according to Commerce Department figures.

Behind the decline is a confluence of trends: a drop in formal religious participation, changing donation habits, a shift away from the construction of massive megachurches and, more broadly, a growing taste for alternatives to the traditional house of worship. ...

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 Re: House Churches Growing, New Church Construction Hits All-Time Low

Praise the Lord. This seems like good news to me. Churches should be more relational and less focused on buildings.

How can we be the church if all we do is go to a large building, once a week? (rhetorical)

God is doing something and I look forward to what He births out of the Church in the coming years. :)

 2015/2/25 9:47

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 Re: House Churches Growing, New Church Construction Hits All-Time Low

In another article, from all places, NPR!!

NPR: The trend of “house churches”

Stultz himself explains that he’d long felt a dissatisfaction with the church hierarchy.

“The Bible says, ‘What then shall we say, brothers? When you come together, everyone has has a hymn, a word of instruction, or an interpretation’ — all of this done for the strength of the church,” Stultz says. “Where is that being done?”

I'm sure it's being done somewhere!!! At least I hope it is. God help us to get there!

Also, while I rejoice that the new construction of churches is at an all time low, sadly the majority of sheep... follow. Will they even know to come out of her, my people; without a Moses to lead to them? (Like LoveMeekHope said, rhetorical!)

God bless


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