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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Convert to Christianity in Burma? Get government permission first.

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 Convert to Christianity in Burma? Get government permission first.

Persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in Burma, also called Myanmar, is expected to worsen if a new religious conversion bill makes it into law.

According to Christian Aid Mission, the upper house of Burma’s Parliament recently passed a bill that would require anyone wishing to convert from one religion to another to go before a registration board, supply personal information, and wait 90 days for government permission.
“Asking a person to go to the government for permission to change their faith, which is an inner personal choice, I think is quite ridiculous and that it would harm Burma in the long run,” said Corey Bailey of International Christian Concern (ICC). ...

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 Re: Convert to Christianity in Burma? Get government permission first.

They will change the law, and chaos will ensue.


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Such laws already exist in India. There are lot of procedures to convert your religion of birth in government registers. But who cares about what the government things about my religion of choice? They cannot stop me from going to Church nor calling me a Christian.


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