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 Open Doors: Islamic Militants Killed Twice as Many Christians in 2014 than 2013

Radical Islamists were the main persecutors of Christians around the world last year, not only in the Middle East but increasingly in sub-Saharan Africa, according to an annual survey monitoring religious freedom.

Open Doors, an international group supporting persecuted Christians worldwide, said on Wednesday Islamic militants posed the greatest threat to the faith in 18 of the 20 countries that its annual World Watch List says are toughest for Christians.

Rankings are based on the group's analysis of violence against Christians and official or informal restrictions on rights to practice their faith, convert from other religions and enjoy the same civil liberties as other citizens. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Open Doors: Islamic Militants Killed Twice as Many Christians in 2014 than 2013

For most of my life, Islam was "over there" and of little concern to me. They don't want that, and apparently are coming over to visit. To stay. To demonstrate their superiority. To impose their lifestyle and values. To end my life.

Suddenly we need to pay attention, and alarms are going off. One bit of analysis is very compelling, that Islam's influence is a numbers game. I don't have the exact details in front of me, but the pattern is one of increasing fury as proportion of population increases. At something like two percent of population, Muslims practice being good neighbors, friendly in the marketplace, minding their own business, and making babies.

At 5 or 6%, they begin making demands, like getting the pork out of the grocery stores, restricting businesses in their communities, objecting to displays of other's religious faith. Moving past ten percent, Sharia is demanded and violence begins. At about 20% it is war. Islam is not compatible with freedom and competitive faith practices, and world domination is built into the Islamic mindset regardless of "moderate" appearances. Islam believes in peace to be sure, but that is all based on the notion that when all the world is Islamic, there will be peace. All opposed will of course be dead.

Passages from the Qur'an that sound peaceful and tolerant are superceded by passages written later advocating more violence. This according to Mohammad who wrote the entire work and is not to be questioned. No one adds to his book, and all Muslims are obligated to fulfill the mission. Those who are apostate- as in conversion to Christ, are subject to being killed.

Secularism is dying. The future is a massive conflict between the agents of Satan and the followers of Christ.

This is going to get ugly real soon, as we watch the terroristic methods of Islam spread like the cancer it imitates.

Tom Cameron

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It's going to backfire on them.


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Suddenly we need to pay attention, and alarms are going off.

Yes, this is God's work. I would encourage you to listen to a very insightful series of sermons from Josef Tson on the topic, the messages are here on sermonindex and are titled Communism, Islam, September11, and the Sovereignty of God.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

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those statistics are scary...

As people in the West reject God, they leave a vacuum that Islam fills. To those who want to live a comfortable Christian life, that is bad news. However, "comfortable Christianity" is an allure of the devil to bind us in idolatry and selfish lusts.

The truth is that Islam may be a blessing to Christians... since it may wake us up, out of such stupor and slumber.

May God revive us through such a worldwide threat. Oh yes, they may kill the body, but they cannot destroy our souls, since we are hidden with Christ.

Praise God!
Let's send more soldiers for Christ. I mean soldiers who fight with the spiritual weapons, of course.

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Quote: The truth is that Islam may be a blessing to Christians... since it may wake us up, out of such stupor and slumber.

Islam and the many other things going on in the nations..

I have been thinking about whats going on in this world over the last few days.

It seems that the Wests leaders and Intelligensa are deluded, they have this goal of a new world order (meaning - a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power) based on pluralism, tolerance, and cooperation.

However that world view cannot co-exsit with Islamic ideology that says: Islam will dominate the world, which views pluralism, tolerance, and cooperation as weakness.

So I guess we will trundle along this path - our leaders and Intelligensa will go along with there delusion and will continue you to appease Islam, even as far as allowing a Islamic confederation of nations to form a Islamic state like Europe Union all for the cause of peace and to promote pluralism, tolerance, and cooperation between Islam and the West.

Into which leader from the North will appear or may appear prior to the Islamic confederation being founded, our leaders and Intelligensa will keep on with the same delusion and will get the peace they desire for a season. But the beast that had the "fatal" wound will have been miraculously healed.

Then after a short time the very gates of hell will be opened and the true face of Islam will be shown and there leader will be known for what he is. Israel will face the brunt of this monster and will suffer terribly at the hands of this monstrous beast the Islamic state and World war 3 will commence.

My mussings

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Colin Murray

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Reading this reminds me of the fear spread by Communism back in the 1950-70s. The only difference is they were more secretive in the west and not as open and aggressive in the pursuit of their philosophy.

Back then if one said this or that person/group is motivated, controlled by communists they were silenced by well-meaning people (I guess so) as being fear-mongers. History has since confirmed the "fear-mongers" warnings.

But God put brakes on the speed of their aggression.

I do wonder how Islam and Communism (it is not dead) will fare if they would face off? Maybe you got to rid the planet of Christians first because they are an obstacle to their peace...

Questions. These questions make me feel glad I am getting old.


Sandra Miller

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