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Dear Brother Iyke,
Last night I was listening to some downloaded messages from SI. I awakened like I was hit with a bolt of lightening to David Wilkerson speaking in a foreign nation. But the message was to all believers in all nations. It is called Purity in a Wicked Generation, I believe.

The fear of the Lord in regards to sin was convicting,and the whole compromise in the churches in regards to preaching only a part of the gospel. Mercy and Grace without Judgment and the New Testament context.
This false teaching is causing many many to fall into sin. We know this as those who believe and receive this message from the Bible, from God, and from the plethora of men and women of God we hear on this website, but I don't think I have ever heard it so clearly as in this message.

Listen to this message, it is convicting and yet done in absolute love. It addresses this "recurrent sin" that so many of us deal with and yet get no victory over and then deal with the consequences.

Just wanted to share this with anyone who is still not convinced that the fear of God is a GOOD thing. He loves us so very much and yet the message was, we TEMPT GOD by tolerating sin in our own lives. I was so convicted that I threw out stuff I have been tolerating as harmless. I had let the enemy come in the door!!!!! Thank you Jesus for your discipline!

In the Fear of the Lord as well as His great Mercy,
Sister Leslie

And thank you David for the kind comment. I feel like I'm coming out of a long sleep.

 2014/12/24 13:10


@leslie. A week before the mess, i listened to that message twice, and an audio compilation on the fear of God, ravenhill sermon on the judgment seat. I had several clear warning and prophecies to be careful. That very morning i was led to sing "christian seek ye not repose" when i think of all God did to help me, i feel like it was not a mistake but a deliberate rebellion. I just feel i should get my mind of it, thinking of it makes me contemplate leaving everything public ministry, many other thoughts including praying for death has filled my mind, the only thing i feel is helping me is the prayers of saints.

 2014/12/24 14:39


You know. I just want to add what everyone is saying. Not to overwhelm you but help you as well.

Believe. Repent. Remember. These are all great things. Do them.

I'd like to add, serve others. Go volunteer somewhere. Homeless shelter. Orphanage. Etc.

Also, get into physical fellowship with believers. Go out to coffee. Join a small group. Be around a few or a small group of people.

It's difficult to be depressed when you are helping people worse than yourself and when you are getting intimate with people.

P.S. After reading your initial post. I thought of 1 John 3:20

 2014/12/24 17:14

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