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Quote: "I am not saying that catholics can't be saved. But if they are, why stay in a dangerous cult?"

I do not know the answer for every person, but I know my husband when he was saved as a Catholic felt very strongly that the Lord wanted him to remain a Catholic, even though his instinct was to leave the Catholic Church. That did not last all of his life. After many years, he felt he was not to identify himself as a Catholic, but not as a Protestant either. He called himself a follower of the Way (i.e Christ's). :)

I also have a friend who got saved and immediately wanted to leave the Catholic Church, and the Lord did not allow her. She is still in the Catholic Church, does not worship Mary,but she has found a wonderful prayer/bible study group and her prayers are mighty powerful.

Let us be careful not to judge those whom we do not know. :)

In Christ's love,



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I think it is possible to be sincerely mistaken (or misinformed) about certain things and still be "saved." God looks on the heart.

Remember that for a good number of years RC was the only game in town.


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I think it is also important that as we point out various issues of other faiths we are not pointing fingers of condemnation at anyone. Simple pointing out dangerous teachings/doctrines that seek to usurp what we believe to teach about the Gospel and forgiveness of sins.

It is easy to think that some individuals are pointing fingers of judgment but assuming and that can be a dangerous think. We only know the heart of people by being around them and only then we only know what they reveal to us on the outside of their temple.


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