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 A Bible! A Bible!

"I would like to share an actual happening from my business life before I was called into Ministry. Not all receiving this letter believe. If you doubt that God is real, please consider this true story: A Japanese Business man, a president of a Japan Company, was walking in his Japanese Garden in Tokyo. When he looked at a Japanese stone lantern in his garden he noticed a tiny cross etched into the bottom of the lantern. He became intrigued with the cross and went back in his genealogy as far back as the sixteenth century. He found ancestors who had become Christians and were martyred. He could not stop thinking about it. One day, with a bright sun shining, he looked up into the sky in Tokyo and said: “Christian God, if you are real, please give me a sign!”

At about the same time, a Christian Business man in the USA was scheduled to visit Japan. He could not sleep at night. He got pictures of a President in Japan to whom he was to give a Bible in the Japanese language. He initially refused but God would not let him sleep. The business man gave in and ordered a Japanese Bible. He took presents for a Board Meeting in Japan. The gifts for 6 Board members were silk ties and socks. For the President he took the Japanese Bible. Culturally speaking, Japanese are very reserved and they do not show their emotions. However, when the President opened up his present and he saw the Bible he held it high in the air and he started dancing and shouting in front of 6 Board Members: “A Bible, a Bible!” He was full of joy for now He knew God was real. God had answered his prayer in the garden. This is a true story as I was that business man buying and delivering a Bible in the Japanese language. Later the Japanese President told me his side of the story. If you doubt that there is a God and you are sincere why not pray like the Japanese Company President did ? Why don’t you try it?
May I ask you the most important question in your life: “ If you die tonight, where will you go?” I love you too much not to tell you the truth. No church can save you, no denomination can save you, no paying money can save you, no good works are good enough to save you, no lies that God will save all people can save you, no lie that Allah and God are the same will save you, but only the Son of God can save you. The Bible says: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

- Edgar Reich

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 Re: A Bible! A Bible!

Praise God for brother Edgar!

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