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 Death penalty for smuggling Bibles?

Saudi Arabia reportedly executes man over Bibles

Unconfirmed reports of a new decree imposing the death penalty on anyone caught smuggling Bibles into Saudi Arabia has many Christian ministries and support groups on edge.

Practicing any religion other than Islam has long been illegal in the desert kingdom, and that includes rules against foreigners bringing in any type of religious material that does not conform to the royal family’s strict Wahhabi brand of Sunni Islam. Foreign nationals living in Saudi Arabia are often detained for purely religious reasons, sometimes resulting in deportation.

But applying capital punishment, which in Saudi Arabia often means death by beheading, to Bible smugglers would signal a new level of persecution even for the Saudis.


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 Re: Death penalty for smuggling Bibles?

Following 9/11, S.A. Ran a very short lived TV ad campaign to say that Saudis and Muslims generally were not reflected in the attacks, and it urged Americans to remember the long, friendly relationship with America.

I emailed their embassy here. I pointed out that Muslims, including Saudis had already bombed us twice in 1993 and on the USS Cole. That it was hard to swallow their rhetoric.

He responded. He said that we grew our own terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh. I said, indeed, and we executed him. He resoonded again, saying that we did not do as Israel does by bombing innocent people's houses. I responded that his example was beside the point and that we did bomb guilty people's houses, for him to go ask Muammar Qadaffi what happened to his house and his son after they blew up our plane over Lockerbie.

He blocked my email.


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