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 Prayer for perspective


I am a hollow and shallow man in love with my own opinions and the sound of my own voice. But, I love you more, and I desperately want to shut up, grow up, lift up and build up. Lord, I want to bear fruit that lives and glorifies you.

I have no answers. Your thoughts are simply too high. Your ways are too lofty. I cannot comprehend EXCEPT you have, truly, given me your Holy Spirit and you reveal yourself and the mysteries that the carnal mind cannot see or know. You do this, Lord. Not me. You. I am a scum, a walking talking mud mannequin of a man and but for you I would not even be that. Yet, in your grace, you moved toward me, you came to me, you offer life to me and you make me a new creature in Christ Jesus. What is my own voice or opinion but a stench and a mockery of you?

Oh, God, you have set the body as it pleases you. And, while, yes, you have taught me many things and by grace I see them, I also by that same grace see my brothers and sisters who do not see what I see. How dare I use the things that you have placed within my reach to know as weapons against flesh and blood that you have also redeemed from sin like you have for me? How dare I presume against you and them that they ought to know what I have meekly received? How soon can my own understanding yield to confusion by my pride at knowing something from you? Oh, Lord save me from myself. Save my brothers and sisters from me! Keep me from inflicting myself on those who don't deserve to suffer my insufferability! Fill me with love for the brethren. Revive me. Make me clean.


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