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 Your Life Is Hid

Colossians 3:3

Only one-eighth of the mass bulk of icebergs is visible; all the rest is under water. This is what makes them so formidable to navigators, this is what makes their strength. In the same way the life of a Christian should in large part be hidden: it is from what one does not see that its force is drawn.

The stability of a house cannot be gauged from its outward appearance; it is secured by its invisible foundations. When a storm comes some humble dwelling may stand while palaces crumble. The same way every spiritual edifice: it is not a question of shining and dazzling people, but of being firmly founded, of having a "Life hid with Christ in God."

This hidden life is made up of what you bring each day to your Master: mostly your tears and your troubles, the defeats and the ruins of your outer structures. These are by no means first-rate materials and the hours that you spend alone with your God often are miserable. What counts is that you seek His presence, far from prying eyes; while you groan He builds patiently in you, secretly, the indispensable foundations.

Outwardly you may remain very much like the person you were before, or like those around you. You will appear to be a peaceful, honest man with nothing to distinguish you from the crowd. It will need the blows of the storm, the clash against the obstacle to reveal to others and to yourself your mysterious firmness-that hidden life which no one suspected.

by Philippe Vernier


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 Re: Your Life Is Hid

Thanks for sharing this. It rang in my heart today. We discussed it among other passages in our home gathering tonight.


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