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My lifeless evangelical church baptized 347 on a single Sunday back in May. People were rushing down the aisle to get baptized.

I think it is likely true that each evangelical church has sub pockets of folks. You have your pew warmers who attend because it is the thing to do or to get their kids in Sunday school. Nothing wrong with that. Then you have those that serve actively but perhaps are not deeply spiritual. What is the statistic-- that 10 or 15 percent of the people do 90 percent of the serving. Nothing wrong with that if motives are pure. Then you have a small percentage who are going hard after God, who pray together etc. Usually these persons find each other.

All can co-exist in a solid and growing evangelical church.

I have no beefs about house churches. I am part of a small group that meets weekly that in essence is a house church.

Growing evangelical churches are able to pool more resources than a house church. It is just a fact. For example, my church gave 1 million to missions last year and plans to substantially increase if not double that this year.

So I agree that it is relationship, not religion. But if an evangelical church has a good spirit filled pastor, his congregants already know this.


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Oracio you are young bro. God will give you maturity as the years pass. Will be standing down from this thread. Know my time in this forum is st an end.


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Blaine, I felt led to challenge your statements on this thread the way I did in order to try to reason with you and plead with you to reconsider your strong stance against all traditional churches. In the process of posting on this issue on this and other threads I got the sense I may be speaking on behalf of other brethren who may have been intimidated or challenged by certain types of “prophetic” statements against their churches. I will be praying for you, sister MaryJane, brother Frank, and brother Neil, that the Lord would continue to guide you and that you may enjoy genuine fellowship with other believers.


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Relationship or Religion?

Relationship is usually the smart answer given to this question, but this is not as easy as that. We have to abide with the whole counsel of God and not fall into the trap of simple relationship salvation formula. We have to embrace the whole package of the gospel and not only those things that tickle our fleshy inclinations.

Be warned that we are now living in the end times apostasy that marks the end of times of the gentiles. I am sure that our elder sisters and brothers have seen with their very own eyes the precipitous degeneration and doctrinal departure from biblical orthodoxy of christian churches as well as the ominous hostility of societies toward christianity.

Apostasy is a progressive unbelief/skepticm, disobedience, contempt, and rebellion to the Word of God, for example in the area of gender roles, modesty, church government, etc.

The authority of the bible is lost and become subservient to the church creed or become subject to the bar of human reasoning, self-justification, science, and mysticism.

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