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 Our steps are ordered of God

I was walking this morning on the trail, my quiet time with the Lord. As I went under the bridge there was a young woman, maybe late 20s, sitting beside the creek with her headphones on just staring at the water. I got a check in my spirit. As I walked on the Lord asked me to pray with this young woman. So I kept walking, arguing with myself a little bit. I walked about another mile but cut my walk short. I turned around and thought to myself ” if she is still there, I will talk to her.” A notion crossed my mind that she was contemplating something bad. Anyway, when I got back to that spot, there she was. She still had her earphones in. I walked past several yards, then thought ” what the heck.”

I turned around and approached her. She took her earphones off and I asked her if everything was okay. She said “no.” Tears were just falling from her face. I asked her what was going on and she said someone she knew very well had let her down very badly. It seemed such a gracious description of what was going on. No names, no details, just the simple truth. I asked her is she was going to be okay and she said ” yeah, sometimes you just gotto cry it out.” I asked her if I could pray for her and she said , yes, please, all the time tears just freely flowing.

And so, there beside the little river, I brought this young woman before the throne of grace to my heavenly Father. In my prayer I thanked Jesus that He had stood up in the temple and announced that He had come to heal the broken-hearted. I asked Jesus to heal Nina’s heart. I thanked Him that Nina was not alone there besides the river , that God was with her and had seen her tears. Then I asked Jesus that Nina would open up her heart and let Him in that He may heal her. I asked it all in that wonderful name of Jesus, we hugged and I walked on, amazed once again at the love of God. So, brothers and sisters, be on the lookout for Nina’s today. There is a hurting world out there and if we want and desire it, the Holy Spirit will use us in very simple ways. If you feel led by the Spirit, be bold and step out in faith. Not only will you minister to others, the Lord will minister to you as you do. And if you remember, pray for Nina today.............bro Frank

 2014/10/15 8:58

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 Re: Our steps are ordered of God

Frank, praying for Nina to be good gospel soil and fruitful to God's glory, and that she is healed by Jesus today from all that plagues her soul and hurts her heart. Thank you for sharing it. Bless you for sharing with her. Praise Him for the unctioning nudge.


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Thank you Dolfan. Given the number of people who have responded to this story on my facebook page, it looks like there are several hundred folks praying for Nina. How incredible is that? Our God is an awesome God and Nina is the recipient of an outpouring of prayers. Maybe she will tell us the story one day in glory of how the love of God and the prayers of the saints changed her life...........bro Frank

 2014/10/15 10:42

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