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 A Healthy Skepticism of Vaccine Recommendations

"During my medical training, I have asked pediatricians which vaccines they thought were most important, and the uniform response was that they all were important because they all were recommended. None of the pediatricians with whom I trained offered informed consent to the patients with regard to which vaccines were manufactured from aborted fetal tissue. Informed parents are more likely to object to questionable vaccines, and we can’t have that. The opinions of the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are Scripture and to dissent is heresy.

Enter the medical heretic.

Physicians typically look at vaccination as a way to eradicate disease in society. Even if the chances of a negative consequence of a vaccine are much more likely for an individual patient than the chances of a negative consequence of a disease, physicians still routinely recommend the vaccines because they are treating society, not simply treating a patient.

The President of the AAP, at their annual convention in 2008 which I attended, regretted the growing number of parents who are neglecting to vaccinate their children; not because disease incidence had significantly increased, but because “herd immunity” was not as strong. She also praised legislation in Congress that would eliminate the rights of parents to refuse vaccines for their children. When they cannot persuade free parents to submit to their recommendations, they are willing to resort to coercive force to impose their will on our society. Parents… get in the back seat… we know what’s best for your kids - parental rights be damned.

Moreover, many of the vaccines are unethical because they’re manufactured from cell lines obtained from aborted fetal tissue: namely, the rubella vaccine (which is in the MMR vaccine), the chicken pox vaccine, and the polio vaccine. This is the moral equivalent of China’s practice of harvesting the organs of executed political criminals, without their informed consent, to transplant into patients. It is the equivalent of the Nazis doing experiments on condemned Jews in concentration camps in order to gain medical knowledge that may benefit others. Regardless of one’s views on abortion, we should agree that at the very least, physicians should inform patients of the origin of these vaccines because many patients are convinced that life begins at conception and that aborting pre-born children is murder.

I do recommend some vaccines that have a benefit that may be greater for a given patient than the risk, but it is unethical to minimize our obligation to provide healthcare to an individual patient in order to try to prioritize the eradication of disease in the world, and it is unethical to prescribe vaccines that are manufactured by exploiting the carcasses of aborted children. It is wrong to profit off of the slaughter of innocent human beings. With the culture of death so ingrained into contemporary healthcare, it is spiritually and physically healthy to have an informed skepticism of routine medical recommendations."

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