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 The Cross - A Lesson on Absolute Surrender

When you see the biblical description of Jesus on the cross, you get the picture of a man who submitted himself entirely to the will of God.

Consider His hands and feet. They were nailed. He wasn’t going anywhere.

But it was not the nails that kept Him there. What kept him on that cross was something much stronger than nails.

What was it? It was the power of his own resolve to please his Father.

He could have called on the powers of the world to come – twelve legions of angels to save his life.
He could have even demonstrated the limitless power that resided within His own bleeding and pierced hands.

But He showed the exceeding greatness of His power when He surrendered His own will for His Father’s.

The inscription written over the cross should have read, "I Surrender All; " for it was the ultimate display of a life absolutely surrendered to the Father.

There are eight words that Jesus lived His entire life by: “I come to do Thy will oh God” (Hebrews 10:9).

If we desire to become like Jesus, there will have to come a time when we submit and say yes to God’s will for our life.

God is not looking for our morality alone;  He is looking for our mortification. Death to self.

Consider Jesus. Contemplate His absolute submission the Father. Pray that you may become like him.


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