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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Pray for Kevin Tuner of SWI (sick in Africa)

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 Pray for Kevin Tuner of SWI (sick in Africa)

We have some important news on Kevin’s recent trip to Africa and developments that have taken place since our last update.

The situation on the South Sudan/Uganda border has stabilized in the past few weeks, with things returning to relative “normal” since a tribal and political dispute led to a flare-up in violence. This included an attack on the mission compound were Kevin and others were staying. If you are not familiar with those events, you can read about them here.

Now, we have another urgent matter that requires your attention and prayers. Kevin’s health has deteriorated in recent days, which has required hospitalization. Below is an update from him, which was made from his emergency room bed:

“…After spending five nights in the jungle, soaking wet, I checked myself into a local hospital about 2:30 a.m. Though I was taking a prophylaxis for malaria, being in the bush doing patrols through the night is a sure way to get malaria. Massive body and head pain and dehydration. I was quarantined for suspected Ebola and I told them I have had malaria five other times and this was malaria. So, my quarantine has been lifted and they are going to admit me for emergency IV treatment due to cerebral edema. This is pain with ten exclamation points. Infectious specialist did a great job. I am pretty ill according to the amazing team here and will be spending a few days in the hospital by myself…”

Please keep Kevin and his family in your prayers during this time. Needless to say, these new round of health challenges have taken their toll and have caused some discouragement. If you are able, please send a note to: [email protected] and let Kevin know you will be praying for him and his family. These messages will go straight to him. In addition, it would be a huge blessing to include the following:

1) How/when you first met Kevin or learned of SWI.
2) A brief note of encouragement, and if applicable, how SWI or Kevin has made an impact on your life.

Thank you in advance for your prayers, support and messages. We know they will mean a great deal to Kevin during this time as he recovers from yet another severe bout of malaria.

The SWI Team


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 Re: Pray for Kevin Tuner of SWI (sick in Africa)

I will definitely pray for him .

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