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I am called by different names among many nations but generally and universally known as money; I can send and be sent; I can be mastered and be a master: a man can control me and I can also control him. By me the naked can be clothed and the hungry can be fed...shelter can be given to the homeless by my aids. Glory-though fading, like the one on Moses face-is with me. Is as though I answer all things and bring happiness to those who have me in their possession.

I am attractive and very powerful, many have killed because of me and many are still dying for me. All the movements on the earth among the sons of Adam is informed by me. I have shattered a lot of dreams and have also replaced those dreams by another seemingly better. No man ever disrespected me, all men pay me homage and this they do with all their might, their souls, spirits and body. By me, bills are rescinded; sorrow is frustrated and some sickness are taken away while others are managed or controlled.

Moreover, I like to be loved! I hate to be controlled but love to control! A man of self-centeredness is loved by me but all that would desire to master me normally have my disapproval: because I want to be a master not a servant. I want to be worshiped not a worshipper. Oh I long to be a monarch over all humanity. My desire on earth is to be the only determining factor in every partnership and relationship.

In marriage I fight to be a "honey." I whisper to couples that "No money, no honey." I made submission and love in marriage dependent on me, so that my absence breeds insubordination and unfaithfulness therein! Among the clergy and professor of religion, I impose myself on their thoughts, dominate their sermons and replace Bible study with business seminars. I am so happy that instead of revival meeting and mission awareness campaigns, in the church of God, there are lot and lot of breakthrough seminars...all these breakthrough seminars center around me...indeed I have more place on the pulpit than the Master Jesus in this generation.

However, as lucrative and instrumental I am, any man that has a consuming passion for me, according to the book, falls into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition: For the love of me is the root of all evil: in coveting after me, some have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. I speak the truth and lie not! One thing about me is that, happiness is with me as well as sorrow: happiness, if I come to a man through God and hardwork: sorrow, if I am procured by fraud and any underhanded means.

Further more, it looks as though whatever God can do I can do...herein lies my deceit! I frustrate faith in God sometimes. A certain man was sick in one of the African countries instead of looking for God to heal him, he sought for me to help him to fly beyond the shore of his country and continent for a medical attention, actually, consequently, he was healed of his ailment..that man's faith is on me now...he is my disciple servant and slave. His faith in God has been frustrated.

Sometimes, I perceived that, inherently, I stand as an enemy of God, for the root of all evil is me...God is made angry by me all the time all over the world! Yet, whenever God wants to make grace abound toward any man that he, always having all sufficiency in all things, so as to abound to every good work, he sends me into the life of such man!

Actually, by me it shall be written of a man "He hath dispersed abroad; he hath given to the poor: his righteousness remaineth for ever...he ministereth seed to the sower and bread for the eater, and multiply seed sown, and increase the fruits of righteousness." By me a man can be enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth thanksgiving to God! But in this goodness of mine, lacketh no quiet deceit! I am deceitful...I am cunny...I am money and doublefaced; multifunctional and ever ready to adapt to the will of my master per time!

If am found in the hand of darkness, I turn the whole world into chaos...the earth would be without form and darkness would cover the face of the deep! But if given to the light and her children, behold the tabernacle of God would dwell amongst men...the gospel would run unhindered! Do you remember that by me the resurrection news was covered from the Jews? Uptil now, there remains a Vail over their hearts in respect of the resurrection of Christ. Which Vail was cast by me. But if a man turns to Christ, the Vail would be taken away.

Everything is measured by me these days! Whoever has me, the church of today would say, when he enter the church, "Sit thou here in a good place!" But to those that do not have me, she would naturally say, "Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool!" All things have been consigned on me! I reign as king and Lord in the heart of many saints to the disadvantage of their mission in life. Many clergy preach me, love me and can do anything to have me, even if it means to sell the truth out! Actually no man can serve me and serve God!

Finally, behold I show you a mystery which Lucifer fights aggressively to keep away from all men! Allegiance to God breaks my hold on any man. No man can claim allegiance to me and still serves God...both me and all men are mere servants of and to God. Serving me is equal to rebellion to God. No man can serve two masters! If a man chooses God, he must know that he can not be seen serving me. True living and real life do not consist in abundance of me: for silver and gold cannot answer the question of man's redemption.

So, when Yeshua, Jesus, the christo, yea, God incarnate, walked the earth; (oh great is the mystery of the Christian faith, God was manifested in human form, justified in the flesh, seen by angels, preached among the pagan and received into heaven:) He showed and thought His followers my true identity. He never carry me about...He never preached me...His works were not tied to my availability. I was totally kept out of view and behind the scene. He put me in charge of a man He knew would mismanage me...He showed no carefulness and weakness for me. All that I can give to any man on earth were tactically avoided by Him...for He knows He is the heir of all things...the earth is His and the fullness thereof.

Again, to show and demonstrate that I can be dispensed with, He sent His disciples out without me several times to many distance places, commanding them not to carry beggars bag and all things that I can possibly be used to buy. His followers were thus commanded not to great any man on their ways so as not to attract pity: because a pitiable appearance attracts me! These folks went out and returned without a single when asked, after their return, whether they lacked anything, they answered that they lacked nothing! From that day, they knew with or without me, they can run the master's errands.
However, they were asked to pick up their purses before the master left. It is a sham to tie the gospel to money!

To all who would love life and see good days, I admonish that they cry out against me in conference: "Let us break her bands asunder, and cast away her cords from us!" Diligence should be exercised to beat me into plowshares, and pruninghooks: only then would nation not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. wars are, most time, provoked by me. I do not and cannot answer all thing! Do not be deceived!

Emeka Joe Uzosike

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good word brother ,well done

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