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 What IF ... Should I...What Is ...Is This and I Guess

The Question What IF
What if; takes Wisdom and a working knowledge of the Word of GOD and should be used in ones own mind in Conjunction with the Holy Spirit for every Good request.

The Question Should I
Should I; should be used with a humble heart, patience and in Conjunction with a Wise What IF.

The Question What IS
What is; should be used in passionate appeals to GOD with an expectant and Grateful Heart. As in “What is it that makes me Sin? Show me and take it from me?”

The Question Is This
Is This; Is one of the best ways to get a loud and clear answer from the LORD... as in "Is This right for me to do LORD?"

The Answer I Guess
I Guess; When fellowshipping with GOD the “I guess” is equal to Unbelief. I Guess means, “GOD you have not answered me and I guess I'll just have to do it on my own”. Stay away from the Evil's OF “I Guess” when it concerns Prayer and Decisions.

“What If” the Above was not beneficial to you, “Should I” erase it? “What is” the benefit of that? “Is This” post in bad taste?
“I Guess” I will have to wait and see.


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