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Hey Gary-

We just have to disagree on this point. No big deal.


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 Re: Sodom Would've Repented, If...

God's ultimate purpose is to refine men and to make us fit subjects of heaven . He is sifting the wheat from tares. Accordingly he will give enough light to enable the righteous to know and thus to seek as well as to desire him. But not enough light to make it fashionable to be righteous and easy to be totally committed to him . Repentance and righteousness will always come with a price on this earth . It will always be a struggle for men who seek him . Its for this reason he rains on the wicked and the righteous and he forbids the demons to testify about him while he was on earth . Sufficient light to come to him is always given, But never overwhelming light .

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I was just studying another passage (in Matt. 12) where Jesus tells a man with a withered hand to stretch it out so He could heal it. After reading Matthew Henry's take on it I could not resist sharing it here as I believe he gives a good balance there on this topic of man's responsibility and God's sovereignty. Henry writes:

"Now the manner of the cure is observable; he said to the man, "Stretch forth thy hand, exert thyself as well as thou canst;" and he did so, and it was restored whole. This, as other cures Christ wrought, had a spiritual significance. (1.) By nature our hands are withered, we are utterly unable of ourselves to doing any thing that is good. (2.) It is Christ only, by the power of his grace, that cures us; he heals the withered hand by putting life into the dead soul, works in us both to will and to do. (3.) In order to our cure, he commands us to stretch forth our hands, to improve our natural powers, and do as well as we can; to stretch them out in prayer to God, to stretch them out to lay hold on Christ by faith, to stretch them out in holy endeavors. Now this man could not stretch forth his withered hand of himself, any more than the impotent man could arise and carry his bed, or Lazarus come forth out of his grave; yet Christ bid him do it. God's commands to us to do the duty which of ourselves we are not able to do are no more absurd or unjust, than this command to the man with the withered hand, to stretch it forth; for with the command, there is a promise of grace which is given by the word. Turn ye at my reproof, and I will pour out my Spirit, Prov. 1:23. Those who perish are as inexcusable as this man would have been, if he had not attempted to stretch forth his hand, and so had not been healed. But those who are saved have no more to boast of than this man had of contributing to his own cure, by stretching forth his hand, but are as much indebted to the power and grace of Christ as he was."


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Yep no big deal tmk ......

Oraco thats what i was trying to say ,mans responce is purely through gods grace ,not from the flesh or from the adamic nature ,so there is no credit given to men at all ,it is all god ,all the glory and praise goes to him .
god excepts nothing that emenates from the fallen fleshly man ...


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