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 "Crowned With Glory" by Dr. Thomas Holland

It is my goal to be a life-long learner. This book will lay a wonderful foundation for you to begin to hold your own against liberal theologians who don't think we have the Word of God today in it's entirety. All one has to do is go to Bible College and they will quickly discover that most professors believe that the only "pure" word of God is the "original" manuscripts (autographs). They then proceed to tell you that they have been lost for centuries. Hmm...Did God have the power to give His words and not to preserve them??? Are we left with guesswork like the modern Bible scholars who produce new versions? Remember, many scholars have worked on various translations. Why did they change their minds from one translation to another as to what should be included? How can we trust them now?

Crowned with Glory by Dr. Thomas Holland is a book that will give you a detailed account and introduction to Biblical Preservation. It is written in a kind tone that all should appreciate. Dr. Holland's scholarship is thorough. But it is easy for all to read. Enjoy the book. Here's the link: [url=][/url]

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