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 Ian Paisley Dead at 88


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 Re: Ian Paisley Dead at 88

Leonard Ravenhill commented once that the Lord could have used paisley in a powerful way like Whitfield if he stayed away from politics. His preaching is expositional and biblical from a burdened heart to represent His Lord well.

He founded a bible college and a movement of over 100 free presbyterian churches.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 i heard that too

and agree.

Leonard Ravenhill commented once that the Lord could have used paisley in a powerful way like Whitfield if he stayed away from politics.

here's a replay of "Fundamentalism vs Apostasy" late 60's

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Would to God that the kind of fearlessness that characterized this brother's preaching would impact and influence the preaching of today. This brother was not afraid to blow the trumpet in Zion and sound the alarm!

Here is a message given by Brother Paisley from Haggai - calling the Church to consider her ways:

In His Love,

Brother Kevin

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Coming from Ireland its hard to believe he's gone.He seemed industructable.Unfortunately he brings mixed emotions to Irish people.However it has to be said that he "jumped"accross the divide to share power which reduced the violence in Northern Ireland to a small trickle.
He had a good sense of humour and the Republican leader Martin McGuinneas said today "that he had lost a friend"which is quite remarkable in itself.
What can be said only that he never went unnoticed by supporters or enemies and that he is with the Lord this evening something he looked forward to all his life and no doubt despite his political mistakes there are many other people there because of his preaching.
Yours Staff

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that's a wonderful post you shared. especially what martin McG said about Ian

in 2002, when I came to know Messiah Jesus, Ian was one of the first pastors I listened to...."Five Steps to Revival"....I didn't even KNOW their was that much difference between Protestants and Catholics, and Ian (obviously) schooled me.

i'm so GLAD the Troubles are over, may God keep His Hand over this peace. I love Ireland SO son's dear mother is Irish-American...she follows Jesus. so many Irish artists I love...that's my past "tent-making"

thank you for can I be sad about Ian's passing the River?......i'll share something audio me and Jesus cut together, its entitled "A Wee Story"

God bless you tzadik, neil

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 Re: staff

Thanks for sharing this news. I had not heard that yet.

Robert Wurtz II

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