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I love Israel. But loving Israel and being a Zionist are two very different things. When Ted Cruz says he "stands by Israel," he is just looking to score political points and secure votes from people who mindlessly cheerlead everytime they hear that phrase. I think I would've booed him off the stage too.

Jimmy H

 2014/9/12 9:30Profile

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Jimmy, I disagree with you about Ted Cruz.
I believe that he is a man of principle and
doesn't play politics. He is a man of strong
conviction on the issues of abortion and
same sex marriage, and he is not afraid
to confront and speak out against the
corrupt administration that has done nothing
but lie to the American people on numerous
Occasions. There are a few good men
in Washington with a backbone and Ted
Cruz is one of them.



 2014/9/12 10:47Profile


yeh, yeh Jimmy...heard it all before, "I love Israel, but not Zionism"....or "they're two different things", as KingJimmy proclaimeth.

its a phony argument, and if you did boo him off the stage, you'd be the only American accented boo in that crowd.

and wasn't it you the other day, I was reading, breathlessly writing how you'd be loving and praying for the ISIS jihadi's as they cleaved your head off with a scimitar?

that's a change from the old days, when you hoorahed President Bush into invading Iraq, and writing vast posts arguing for what a "just war" means.

what happened? a little disillusioned with the republican party?

lets look at some facts, first, Israel has not been given one moments peace since day one of independence, every Greek orthodox church in Jerusalem is unmolested, as are the mosques, cant say that about any arab countries, save Jordan, but their monarch is half british, so he acts civilized, as opposed to the other surrounding arab nations.

far as the optics of the recent dustup in Gaza, hamas is a gaggle of phony coward arab muslims, they hide their missiles that they fire into Israel under the buildings their grandmothers and children live...or they hide them in their mosques..swell bunch of guys, these jihadis.

24/7/365 brave Israeli boys have to man the walls, because until these arabs learn to love their children, more than they love to kill Jews, there will be no peace.

every missile fired into Israel, every hitchhiking Israeli teenager kidnapped and murdered, these arabs will pay the price in spades.

far as American money, $3 bln a year, the US is buying Israel's unparrelled intelligence services, at a bargain price, as it cost the US $70 bln a year to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan...face it pal, Israel is a reality on the ground, whether you, or the arabs like it...who cares.

 2014/9/12 11:26

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We are going to lock this thread, because of his primarily political tone, this is not a place to discuss american politics. We do believe there is a growing anti-israel anti-semetism in america that I trust no one on SermonIndex forums will contribute to. We are encouraged there is a nation Israel, support them and pray that according to the Scriptures many abroad and in Israel itself will come to know the Messiah as Scriptures say.

There are only just over 20 million jews across the entire world. They are a legacy to the Scriptures and God's Word that He would preserve these people until the end.

this thread is locked.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2014/9/12 11:28Profile


Seriously??? Anyone who criticizes good men who are being maligned and heckled for standing up for what is right, speaks volumes about what sort of person they!

Please, lets keep our personal politics out of this and stand up for what is right - every time, regardless of what brand of politics they stand for. Are we still babies with regard to these things?

 2014/9/12 11:29

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