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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : An Appeal to Joel and Victoria Osteen by Michael Brown

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You have nailed the problem perfectly. Praying for the SALVATION of the Osteens is the exact thing that needs to happen here.

But to another point, I need to check my heart. If this man is unsaved as it seems to be, then surely Gods grace is deep enough to save even him? I pray the Lord helps me to examine my heart so that I will truly be asking for this man to be saved and not calling down fire on him to be destroyed. Yes I should be against this kind of false teacher and yes I should warn others, but I believe that God loves Joel and wants to save him.

Search my heart Lord for I am not sure if I have the same attitude in my heart towards Joel, and if not, then I need to tremble before the Lord myself.

 2014/9/11 4:30

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Well said Sree.

I can't imagine Jeremiah writing a letter to Hananiah implying that he just needs to do better in his preaching.

Jimmy H

 2014/9/11 6:57Profile

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 Re: An Appeal to Joel and Victoria Osteen by Michael Brown

Michael Brown writes this rebuke out of the right spirit of love and a genuine concern for Joel and Victoria Osteen.

I have been to the old Lakewood Church many times to hear Joel's dad (John Osteen) preach, and I believe that if John could come down from heaven and have a heart to heart talk with his son, he would say: "Joel, get back to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ."



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 Re: An Appeal to Joel and Victoria Osteen by Michael Brown

I agree with King Jimmy, I wonder if it will ever get read by those who actually NEED to read it! The Osteens are so well protected that I seriously doubt it. And that's what comes from getting that big. It's sad really.


 2014/9/11 8:36Profile

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