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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Reaping from prayer

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 Reaping from prayer

I have wondered something a late. The more fundamental a Christian is the more I would think they would see the work of God in your sphere of influence which would include the leading of the Holy Spirit to move in certain areas and be a servant to humanity to even seeing miracles. Whether that be healing or even salvation. I seem to be missing this testimonies with some people.

I journey to the 'Miracles following the plow' thread and I See alot of requests for prayer but I don't see much in answers. Answers to prayer help build our faith in God. Hanging prayers only serve to cause us to question our faith and wonder if God does indeed exist.

My question is why does this reality exist so much?



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 Re: Reaping from prayer

Because of doubt john ,not being certain that god will answer,and sin in the life of the one praying and sin in the life of the one being prayed for can also hinder ,,,

brother if you really believe that hanging prayers cause you doubt god existence ,,you have one major issue ,possible born again issues ...

Paul said the one who comes to god MUST believe that he IS ,and that he is a rewarder of those who seek him ,,

If you need see signs or to hear about SIGNS to validate your own faith ,brother you are in a spot my friend ,signs will come in accordance with your own faith ,in gods word and promises .

Go back to the grass roots the word of god and read it and except all of it sincerely and you will see signs like healing ....

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 Re: Reaping from prayer

its does happen but one has to take the cross and seek the lord through purifying trials. he stamps his approval on someone who accepts the whole truth layed down in scripture, then follows it, or rather follows the holy spirit in prayers and mercy for others. the bread has to be broken before it blesses thousands. if the bread is too hard (religiousity) it wont break and bless people

my thoughts, because I see God working at times when I break and weep for others

 2014/9/4 10:12

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