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 Here I stand

Here I stand Lord, my heart is heavy and my mind is filled with a million and one distractions. Sometimes the noise in this world is so loud, every sound mixes in and becomes one great storm of static that keeps me from hearing from You. In these times I feel so alone, so completely apart from You my Lord Jesus. Times when I feel the enemy coming at me from every side. I feel the sting of each arrow shot in my direction. Past regrets, fear, worry, doubts, unknowns they all plague me. The darkness swirls around me in such a way that I find myself frozen, unable to move for fear I will go the wrong direction and fail all over again. I am weary, weak and overcome with sadness. All I can think to do in this moment is pray and keep praying...

So here I stand Lord! As I open my eyes I see YOU LORD JESUS...but how to cross over this chasm, this ever widening gap between us? How do I let go of that part of me that holds me back from truly abandoning all to follow You? Help me Lord to take that first and last step, to run into Your arms, to take that leap of faith and grab hold of You. I pray Lord give me the strength and courage to reach out and grasp hold of Your hand to walk with You now and forever...

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 Re: Here I stand

Here is the secret. It is NOT your ability to hold on to Him. It is HIS ability to hold on to us. You are NOW in his loving arms - just relax and enjoy it. It HIS ability not yours. You can bank on it (recon it so).

 2014/9/2 9:43

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 Re: Here I stand

you know what you have to do.ask Jesus to show you the sin in your life that is holding you back then repent of it. pray as you said, seek God and don't just talk about that leap of faith, take it! Jesus is there, stop doubting and grab hold, He won't let you fall.

i know you know these things but sometimes we need to hear them, don't we!


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Yes I do know that I need to seek GOD and repent. I know when I read to much news, focus to long on the ugliness of the world that I stumble into sin. Time to take a step back, spend time in the WORD, prayer, and be with JESUS.

Those arrows are always coming, sometimes at a little faster pace especially now as the storm clouds gather around us but I know JESUS is with me. Thank you for the reminder. Yes it is by HIS strength and HE sustains me...and yet HE wants and expects me to respond to HIM as well. HE gives me all I need to do so, but I still must do so.

God Bless

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