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 New Covenant Distinctives

I was listening to a brother on YouTube expounding five distinct characteristics of the New Covenant. Here are his observations.

1. New Covenant Theology or NCT does not deal with a distinction in the Old Covenant Law. There is no tripartite view of the Law as civil, ceremonial, and moral. It is one unit. To divide the Law is not good exegesis.

2. The Church is regenerate. All believers under the New Covenant have the Holy Spirit. Thus those who profess a voluntary faith in Jesus Christ are baptized according to Mat. 28:19. This precludes infants.

3. One plan and one purpose of God is revealed in the in Jesus Christ. There is no super arching covenant of grace.

4. The Old Covenant or specifically the Mosaic Law was temporary. New Covenant has replaced the Old Covenant.

5. Ethical standard is the law of Christ. We are bound to Christ and not Moses. We are bound to His teachings as articulated on the New Testament. Particularly the Sermon on the Mount.

NCT hold that Christ is the ultimate revelation of of God. This is best articulated in the Mount of Transfiguration event. The Father said "This is My Beloved Sin with whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him."

As someone posted on another thread. God did not say listen to Moses or Elijah. But listen to Jesus.

Posted by Blaine Scogin

 2014/8/20 9:58

 Re: New Covenant Distinctives

Other posters have raised the need of studying theology. At first I objected to this sticking simply to the New Testament. But I started googling asking what is New Covenant theology?

I have found a series of videos by Blake White to be very helpful in explaining what New Covenant theology is. Most of these videos are about 5 minutes in length. I am not sure about the background if this brother. But assume he has been trained by Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. But his short videos are right on target.

Intuitively I have always thought the reality of Christ was found in the New Testament. The videos of this brother have confirmed theologically what I have to be true in reading and listening to the New Testament.

Blake White and other new covenant theologians confirm that there is a shifting in redemptive history. They confirm that the sum of all Scripture is to be interpreted in light of Jesus Christ.

New Covenant Theology or NCT acknowledges the authority of Scripture is contained in both the Old and New Testament. But all of scripture is interpreted in the ultimate revelation of God's Son, Jesus Christ.

Thus the New Testament interprets the Old in light of Christ.

Thus if I be theological it will be from a New Covenant persoective.

My thoughts as they continue to unfold on this.

Blaine Scogin

 2014/8/20 13:06

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