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 Little treasures...quotes from Robert Murray M'Cheyne


I was noticing on the top of SI the featured sermon by Robert Murray M'Cheyne. I have not heard of him before but was interested to find more to read by him(I have a hard time listening to teachings but love to read) In my search I came across some wonderful quotes from this man and felt very blessed to read through them. I thought I would share here those that really spoke to my heart.

God bless

"A man who loves you the most is the man who tells you the most truth about yourself."

"You will be incomplete Christians if you do not look for the coming again of the Lord Jesus"

"I know well that when Christ is nearest, Satan also is busiest."

"Set NOT your hearts on the flowers of this world. They shall fade and die. Prize the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. He changes not! Live nearer to Christ than to any person on this earth; so that when they are taken, you may have Him to love and lean upon."

"Most of God's people are contented to be saved from the hell that is without; they are not so anxious to be saved from the hell that is within."

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