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 The Ark Encounter -- Refuting Major Myths

Editor's Note: The folks at Answers in Genesis have written up an excellent article that comprehensively refutes the flagrant misrepresentations by major media regarding the upcoming Ark Encounter project. SermonAudio is fully supportive of our friends at the Creation Museum and we would encourage you to show them your support as well.


One flagrant misrepresentation of the Ark Encounter’s application to receive refunds of future sales tax comes from The New York Times, which falsely stated that the Ark will be built “with $43 million in state tax incentives.”1 A previous Times’ editorial against the Ark Encounter made the same false claim.2 Letters to the Times that AiG submitted to its editor in order to correct the errors were never printed (even when contacting the paper’s ombudsman to register a complaint). One would think that when a newspaper writes an editorial about an organization and makes an obvious error, then that organization would at least be afforded a 100-word letter to the editor to correct the mistake. Not so with the Times.

The myth that the Ark will be constructed with funds taken from the Kentucky budget (and presumably away from needed state programs) is rampant. The lie gets regurgitated by such anti-Christian media sites like the Huffington Post and Salon, and even by mainstream media like NBC-TV’s Meet the Press earlier this year.

We have been informing the media (and writing frequent articles) that no state monies will be used to construct the Ark, yet the myth continues.

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