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No need to apologise or to feel bad. No harm done, it is an easy mistake if one does not use a gender specific nickname in the English language that is,(frau) is German for woman).

If Jesus only got baptized as a symbol of something greater, He would have said that. God was pleased with Jesus because He was obedient to the Father, because He did what was required to please Him

Jesus was fulfilling the law at that time by being baptised but at the some time the something greater took place, He was baptised in the Spirit. He was showing what the previous symbol of the water was now established as ie the physical becoming spiritual, as in all of the ceremonies etc previously and showing moreover, that He was now the baptiser, He would baptise His followers in the Holy Spirit and this was His command. Of course the father was pleased with Him for lowering Himself to receive the water baptism when He was creator.

Water baptism still took place as you say, and Gentiles indeed may have wished to have the water baptism which was the sign of conversion to the Jewish religion. I don't think that things would have been clear cut in that interim period and there would have been confusion too as likewise with circumcision which did not cease at first and many were not baptised in the Spirit straight away and are still not.

There was no need to lay down laws about it, it was just a physical thing and now in the Kingdom, what stood was the inner reality. Water never did anything anyway. It never did or does today, make a man righteous. How many unbelievers get it done and continue to live an unrighteous life? The command is to be baptised in the Spirit which really does change a man.

If it is so important that man is water baptised, then I must ask again why there was an amazing revival amongst the early Quakers who strongly taught against Jewish ceremonies and Jewish ways like water baptism. communion, uniforms, temples, anything in the physical realm when Jesus had shown that it was to end and the Spirit living in man would be all that mattered.

That is why brother there is so much sin in the church. Many think that they have obeyed with water and have not been baptised in the Spirit and so cannot live the Christian life. So actually partaking in the water, has given them false assurance. The preaching of the Quakers was very much on these lines.

Thank you my weekend was good and I hope yours was too. Any day is the same for me, now that He dwells within me. Everyday is a Hol(y)day.

 2014/7/28 6:23

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