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 Sins of comission and omission

Does anyone have a list of the sins of comission and omission?


a Jesus freak

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 Re: Sins of comission and omission

I can think of one sin of ommission... the modern versions!


 2005/4/19 7:43

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 Re: :>

Krispy! That's funny , I love to see your humor surface.


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Krispy! That's funny , I love to see your humor surface.

Well, truth be known, I was half joking, half [b]serious[/b].

But I dont want to hi-jack the thread, I know what he was asking when he's talking about ommission.

Backing off now... :-)


 2005/4/19 8:40

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 Re: Sins of comission and omission

Does anyone have a list of the sins of comission and omission?

The Jews codified the law of Moses and the commands before Genesis into 613 commandments. There were 365 negatives and 248 positives (365 do's and 248 dont's). This was done after the time of Christ and then was supplemented by the so-called moral law- which I utterly reject as man made fabrications. it was supposed to be "a fence around the Torah."

Having studied these laws for 5 semesters I then embarked on taking a similar approach to codify the New Testament into a list of do's and don'ts. I began in Matthew and realized quickly that the number would total well over a thousand when added to the 613.

Not to mention the long list of things that transgress 'Biblical Principals' that could take the number into infinity almost. People have convictions also. These are grey areas so called. In this case we could add many thousands such as:

1) Thou shalt not smoke tabacco products
2) Thou shalt not chew tobacco products
3) Thou shalt not eat more than 3 meals a day
4) Thou shalt go to church every time the doors are open
5) Thou shalt not go to the movie house
6) Thou shalt rent no worse than a PG movie
7) Thou shalt not watch TV
8) Thou shalt not listen to secular music
9) Thou shalt not read secular magazines

If you were part of the ultra legalist camp it would reach into things such as:

10) Thou shalt not drink caffine
11) Thou shalt not season thy food
12) Thou shalt not eat candy to please thy lust for sugar
13) Ladies shalt not wear makeup
14) Ladies shall not cut their hair nor braid it
15) Men shall not wear their hair long
16) Thou shalt have no TV or radio in thy house
17) Thou shalt abstain from ALL sporting events
18) And if there be any other thing that may bring thee pleasure abstain from that also.

So we see then, that the list could be almost unending.

Shall we look at the 'do's' ? That list could get very long and grievous.

What is the solution for these things?

Simple: Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

God Bless,


Robert Wurtz II

 2005/4/19 9:53Profile


Amen, Robert, walk after the Spirit. The christian life is not about avoiding "wrong doing". The bible says that to know to do good and not do it is sin.

Jesus told the pharasees, "this is your sin, that you do not believe on Him Whom He sent".

As believers, our life is trust in God, His justification, His righteousness imputed to us through the cross, His victory over the dominion of sin and so on. It's all part of the package of His shed blood. The entirety of my eternal hope rests completely in Jesus Christ and Him crucified. If He can't save me by His shed blood, I'm hopelessly lost.

But I know I'm saved. How? Because He lives inside my heart. Oh thank God. Oh glory to God. alleluia. Now you've done it. Got me started praising His wonder, power, and might. His majesty are as awesome as the heavens. He is light beyond the brightness of our sun. Blessed be His Holy Name. Glory to God in the Highest!!! Oh thank You Jesus for so great a salvation. All my faith and hope is in thee oh Lord, my God.

 2005/4/19 10:06

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Simple: Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.


Eli Brayley

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