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 Re: response to those coming through mexico illegally

rdg....lil sis, you GOT to know the cyber scrum, you engender, by asking the opinions of MERE MEN, when you get on contentious topics like this.

a humble suggestion?...why not ask God?

y'know, I would NEVER want anybody calling me an "evangelical"....."Followerer of Jesus"?...yes.

"evangelical"? thanks.

here's some history:

 2014/7/22 18:00

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Personally, I do not know whether there is a clear-cut and dried answer to this question...

In thinking about it my mind traveled back to church history. There were people who fled for their lives crossing borders to escape their pursuers. Whether there were laws prohibiting that I do not know (but do know there were times when they asked for permission by the authorities to settle in a area), but I do know there were Believers who broke out of jail with the assistance of others and made their escape. The LORD even assisted Peter in making a jail break - oh, dear! I think it was funny on one hand and awesome on another. Can you imagine the consternation of the authorities who thought they had secured Peter only to find him gone by morning?? Cool. Neat. I love that - I love it when God overrides man...

During the Reformation it was considered illegal to render assistance to the Anabaptists but the local Lutherans and Catholics did so anyways because they appreciated them. Did you know that this kindness became a source of contention among the Anabaptists - "will these kind Lutherans and Catholic go to heaven or not?"

Or, how about Corrie ten Boom and her family who rendered assistance to the Jews. Illegal, yes, but today they are considered heroes.

We have a friend who had hired illegals to pick blueberries and they were sternly warned about the serious repercussions if they were found doing so. These Mexicans were fine workers - you could not find anything like that in town.

Tough situation with no easy answers. And maybe there are none.

rdg, you asked what we think and this is my understanding, or lack of it - take your pick.

Sandra Miller

 2014/7/22 20:44Profile

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