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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo

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 Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo

A judge in Australia has been criticised after saying incest may no longer be a taboo and that the community may now accept consensual sex between adult siblings.

Judge Garry Neilson, from the district court in the state of New South Wales, likened incest to homosexuality, which was once regarded as criminal and "unnatural" but is now widely accepted.
He said incest was now only a crime because it may lead to abnormalities in offspring but this rationale was increasingly irrelevant because of the availability of contraception and abortion.

"A jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now 'available', not having [a] sexual partner," the judge said. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo

Greetings Greg

I saw this story and I thought truly GOD must be turning man over to the insanity of his sin. This is sick, there is no other word for it.

We need to be in prayer, the days are truly getting darker.

God bless

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 Re: Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo

I almost wondered if this judge was taking the existing arguments in favor of all this perversion to their logical ends just to show how revolting they are. I don't know.

The night comes when no man can work.


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I read the article and while it is difficult to know without hearing how the judge said these things I tend to believe he was making outrageous comments to make a point, namely that based on the current state of morality the judge is correct. Is there a legitimate reason to forbid incest between adults when we live in a society that says everything is permissible?

If the judge really believes what he has written he is indeed a sick man.


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As I see the downward trend in society in normalizing perversion, why should one be surprised? Not at all. If one were to do a search on the web you may find that it is not uncommon.

And who loses? The family. It means everyone is looking at another as a sex object, even family members. I find this so repulsive on different levels.

It would destroy brother/sister relationships. I have one brother and we are close. We call each other by phone a lot. I value our friendship and if he were to pass on I would miss him so. Our friendship is based on family relationship - I am the big sister and he is the little brother! lol Scripture teaches us how one should relate to each other in the brotherhood, using family relationships as an analogy. If perversion becomes accepted among family members the concept of loving as brother/sisters, child/mother/dad would be destroyed.

Oh, My! LORD! have mercy! How can God even tolerate all this wickedness? It distresses me to no end.

Sandra Miller

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i v been saying this for a wile now to my wife and family ,,its looking prophetic

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 Re: Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo


because it may lead to abnormalities in offspring but this rationale was increasingly irrelevant because of the availability of contraception and abortion.

As I think more on this subject the entire idea becomes dumber then stupid. These guys think that these perverts will use contraceptives and if it fails they will abort. Well ..! Contraceptives do not prevent all pregnancies AND not all women will feel like aborting when others think she should. What are you going to do then? Ya gonna kill the babies who have deformities? What if some will not show up until they are older, ya gonna kill them after they are several years old?!

Ah, so dumb....can't get over it. My brain is all tied up in a wad at this stupidity. SIGH

Sandra Miller

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This makes me so sad

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I also saw the news, I live "down under" - shocking. But I think to be fair we need to read the whole article to get a bit more balance :
" The comments were labelled misogynistic and "completely disgraceful" by Sally Dowling, the crown prosecutor, who has asked an appeal court to appoint another judge. "The reference to abortion is particularly repellent," she said. Dr Cathy Kezelman, an advocate for preventing child sex abuse, said incest was horrific, regardless of the ages of those involved. "The relational betrayal of the horrors of incest between a brother and sister of any age is abhorrently criminal," she told The Sydney Morning Herald. "

So thankfully the judges views are not mainstream yet.
But yes the world is getting out of control. Here are some interesting comments from Billy Graham:
"If God doesn't punish America, He'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah,"
“Just a few weeks ago in a prominent city in the South, Christian chaplains who serve the police department were ordered to no longer mention the Name of Jesus in prayer,” he wrote noting that officers were only allowed to pray to “the being in the room.”
"Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone – except God," Graham says. "Yet the farther we get from God, the more the world spirals out of control."

Here are some more articles that are hard to "swallow" for me who grew up as a country boy

Psalm 37
Do not fret because of evildoers,
Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.
2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass,
And wither as the green herb.
3 Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.
4 Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

 2014/7/12 1:01

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